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  1. How is the novel coronavirus impacting the MSBA program? 

    As you may heard from recent news, beginning March 9, classes and finals will not be held in person at UW. Due to our status as a well-established hybrid graduate program, we are continuing to provide the best possible learning opportunity and educational experience for our students. We are very proud of being an adaptable program based on student needs. The following are some of things that we have been using for our program to provide the best digital learning environment:
    • Program is hybrid (60% online + 40% face-to-face education) originally, and will be offered as 100% distance as needed.
    • Courses are being developed for face-to-face, hybrid and 100% distance/online formats and pedagogies
    • Faculty are tech savvy and experienced with face-to-face, hybrid or distance learning
    • Faculty, staff and students have been using Zoom Video Conferencing and Microsoft Teams very proactively in our program
    • Faculty hold live synchronous office hours to teach content and assist students
    • Faculty provides course content for a synchronous learning
    • Students have a dedicated Microsoft Azure Data Science Virtual Computer that includes needed software for our MSBA Program. They can use assigned virtual computer via Internet connection
    • Each applied project student team has a dedicated Microsoft Team Site that has Kanban/Agile Project Management Tool, Onedrive storage, Sharepoint file sharing and Live chat & video conferencing
    • We have a Power BI Reporting Server for MSBA and minor in business data analytics students
    • MSBA Program Director, Advisor, CBA Technologist and Program Manager have been in contact with faculty and students for all issues and concerns
  1. If an admitted international student is unable to come to the U.S. in June 2020 but still wants to take online classes at UWT, is there anything preventing them from enrolling in a 100% distance learning MSBA classes while remaining in their home country?
    The MSBA program is designated as a hybrid program, but it was also approved to run as a 100% distance learning program as well. Students can register for the program and take classes remotely from their home country. While most course content will be delivered asynchronously, faculty will host synchronous office hours to assist students’ learning based on Pacific Standard Time (PST).  
  1. If a student begins taking 100% online MSBA classes in summer quarter but then wants to come to UW Tacoma Campus to continue with the program, would it be possible to issue an I-20 to continue with the MSBA program in autumn or winter quarter?
    Yes. Students may begin MSBA classes remotely from their home country and then relocate to Tacoma, Washington to continue the program at the beginning of autumn or winter quarter. Please note that students studying on an F-1 visa must study on-campus for a minimum of three full quarters (autumn, winter, spring) to be eligible for post-completion OPT.  
  1. If a student who already holds an I-20 at another U.S. institution is admitted, but they are unable to relocate to Washington State due to travel restrictions, is there any way they could start taking classes remotely?
    Yes, this is possible. We can receive their transfer-in SEVIS record and issue them an I-20 with a summer quarter start date. If a student is unable to travel, they are not required to come to the UW Tacoma campus to study. In this situation, a student’s SEVIS record may remain active if they are actively enrolled and engaged in the program, even if they reside outside the state or country.  


NOTE: Due to the fluid nature of this difficult situation, this guidance may be subject to change. SEVP will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and will adjust its guidance as needed.

  1. I have a full-time job, is this program work-compatible? 
    Yes, this program requires students to come to campus on select Saturdays (about twice a month) and to complete asynchronous online work in between class meetings. The amount of time students will need to spend on schoolwork outside of the on-campus sessions will vary person to person, depending on their past educational and professional experience with the course content. 
  1. What does asynchronous eLearning entail? 
    Asynchronous learning allows students to complete coursework on their own time. Students are given a general timeframe during which they will be required to complete assignments, connect with classmates, and attend virtual office hours. However, work can be completed anytime, day or night, to suit each student’s individual schedule.
  1. Is this a fee-based or tuition-based program? What is the difference? 
    This is a tuition-based program. This means that the program is funded both by student tuition and the State of Washington, whereas fee-based programs receive no direct funding from the State.
  1. What makes this program unique? 
    What sets the MSBA program at University of Washington Tacoma apart from other MSBA programs is its interdisciplinary approach. The individuals in each cohort are specifically selected to represent a wide array of educational backgrounds and professional fields, with the intention of shaping a cohort culture that is multifaceted and diverse. Additionally, the structure of this program gives you the best of both worlds; on-campus sessions to ensure ample networking opportunities, and online classes to give you the flexibility you need with your busy schedule. Moreover, all students enrolled in the UW Tacoma MSBA program will engage in a year-long Applied Projectwith an industry partner in the greater Puget Sound region. These live consultative projects include will help students to gain skills in data collection, analysis, demo, service/digital transformation plans and recommendations. 
  1. Can international students apply to this program?
    Yes, the MSBA Program is considered a full-time graduate program and international students may apply. 
  1. Is this a STEM degree program?
    Yes, this is a STEM qualifying program so international students studying on an F-1 visa may qualify for the 24-month STEM OPT Extension, after being approved for an initial 12 months of post-completion OPT. 
  1. I’m a United States veteran. Can I use my military benefits to help pay for this program? 
    Yes, as a veteran, current active duty member, or a dependent of military personnel, you may be entitled to VA benefits to fund your education. These benefits may include funding for tuition and fees, housing, books, and meals. To learn more about these opportunities, please connect with the UW Tacoma Veteran and Military Servicesoffice to learn more.
  1. Can I start this program any quarter?
    Currently, the MSBA Program currently only accepts students for a summer quarter (June) start date.
  1. How often will I attend classes?
    Classes are held on campus approximately two Saturdays a month. Students are required to attend these classes, which are typically held from 9am-5pm. When students are not in class, they are required to complete online assignments through the asynchronous online learning component of the program.
  1. Since this is a full-time, 12-month program, will I have breaks for vacation throughout the academic year?
    Students will have a 3-4 week break between summer and fall quarters (mid-August to mid-September), a 3 week break between autumn and winter quarters (early December to early January), and a week-long spring break in mid-March. Due to the accelerated nature of this program, students may have coursework responsibilities over the breaks, though no in-person attendance will be required. Students are expected to work with their teams to manage their time and workload for the Applied Project throughout the year.
  1. I work for the State of Washington. May I use tuition exemption for the Milgard School of Business MSBA Program?
    Yes, it is possible to use WA State Tuition Exemption for this program. However, only a limited number of tuition exempt students will be admitted into each cohort of the program. If you are a WA State employee, please indicate in your personal statement if you would like to be considered as a paying applicant if all tuition exempt seats have been filled. 
  1.  Do I need to submit my application by the early deadline?
    We encourage applicants to submit a completed application by the November 15thearly deadline. Applications received by the early application deadline will be reviewed during the first round of review by the Admissions Committee. In general, applying earlier in the admission cycle will mean more seat availability. Additionally, those individuals applying before November 15thwill receive an admission decision earlier than those who wait until later in the application cycle. 
  1. I missed the early application deadline, should I still apply?
    Yes! Applications submitted after the November 15thearly deadline will be considered on a rolling, space-available basis until the April 15thfinal deadline. Once all of the seats have been filled for the upcoming summer cohort we will offer limited seats on a waitlist. 
  1. I think I qualify for the GRE/GMAT waiver, but I don’t know how to indicate this on my application? 
    If you meet one of the GRE/GMAT waiver criteria that are listed on the website, you should answer “yes” to the first question under the GMAT/GRE Waiver section on the MSBA application. In the second question, you will be prompted to submit a short (1 paragraph max) note that provides evidence of how you fit one of the waiver requirements. (Ex: I attended the University of Washington Tacoma’s Milgard School of Business and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a cumulative GPA of 3.8 in my last two years. This fulfills the requirement of graduating from an AACSB accredited Business school with a 3.40 GPA or higher in my last 90 quarter credits of study).  Your waiver request will be evaluated along with the application, once all of your materials have been submitted. If the Review Committee sees a problem with your waiver request, you will be contacted for more information.
  1. What types of jobs might I be eligible for after earning this degree? 
    Graduates of this program may qualify for many types of jobs, including, but not limited to: Information Architect, Analytics Manager, Business Intelligence Analyst, Data Scientist, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Chief Analytics Officer, Marketing Manager, and many more! You can read more about MSBA Skills and Sample Occupations here:
  1. What type of skills and knowledge will I gain through this program? 
    This interdisciplinary MSBA degree is designed for professionals and college students who want to sharpen their critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, data/analytical decision-making, digital technology-enablement and project/process management skills. Students will be educated to make effective and efficient business decisions that solve existing problems or cultivate new opportunities, improving the performance of organizations. Read more about this program here:
  1. What is business intelligence and analytics? 

    Business intelligence and analytics represents the combination of skills, practices, processes, applications and technologies used by organizations (for continuous iterative exploration and investigation of past business performance) to gain actionable insights for their business based on data, information, statistics, quantitative modeling, simulation, optimization & knowledge. It includes solutions for gathering, storing, accessing, reporting, modeling, simulating, analyzing and visualizing data to support actionable decision-making and innovation.

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