Why MSBA at Milgard School?

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The Big Data Revolution means big opportunity…

Milgard’s MSBA provides the best value for students. It is not just about business analytics, it is about preparing savvy digital talents for the Fourth Industrial Revolution – jobs of the future with the skills you need.

Milgard’s Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program will prepare you to thrive as an innovative leader in this data-driven digital era. The MSBA is designed for professionals who want to develop and/or sharpen their critical thinking, problem solving, information management, analytical and decision-making skills. The program is also ideal for college graduates who are interested in pursuing a career in the exciting and fast-growing field of business analytics. Students will become the next generation of savvy business analysts and digital talents: T-shaped analytical thinkers & adaptive innovators.

This work-compatible program provides students with knowledge, tools, and skills to make use of big data. Students are challenged to make effective and efficient business decisions that solve existing problems or create new opportunities, improving the performance of organizations.

This program explores innovation as a creative problem-solving capability that is applied to a wide variety of market opportunities and social/institutional challenges. Students will have the opportunity to apply concepts, principles, and methods associated with business analytics to smart digital solutions (e.g. Apple Siri, IBM Watson, Microsoft Cortana, Google Now, and Amazon Echo). The program presents real opportunities and/or problems in an application domain associated with students' area of interest.

What makes the program unique? The best value?

the low cost (tuition base, state-funded)

Being a state-funded program, it is one of the most affordable graduate degrees in business analytics throughout the nation. Milgard MSBA students often finance their education through a combination of personal funds, educational loans, scholarships and employer tuition benefits.

applied & adaptive learning

  • Probably, this is one of the most applied MSBA programs throughout the nation.
  • The program adapts cooperative learning methodology by incorporating teacher-led instructions, discussions, hands-on practices with applied examples, increasing utilization of technology in the courses, encouraging contact with students, upholding high expectations, and respecting diverse talents and different ways of learning.
  • Students use a number of software tools, methods, tools & techniques in every class.
  • Curriculum has been updated continuously to address today's and tomorrow's needs in business analytics.

hands-on learning (applied projects with companies)

  • Unique, hands-on projects via Milgard's Center for Business Analytics Digital Transformation Lab. From the first day of the program, students will join a team to tackle real-world analytics projects. Students have the opportunity to apply concepts, principles and methods associated with business analytics to solve complex problems in an application domain associated with their area of interest (e.g. analytics specialization in marketing, HR, ERP/supply chain, logistics, operations, manufacturing, sales, advertising, finance, retail, education, healthcare, sports, e-commerce, IT, telecommunications, hospitality/tourism, public services, utilities and more)
  • Students will learn about the most current, relevant and impactful topics, and practice their knowledge with the most premium technology
  • Students meet with industry advisors and mentors


"We are a safe and welcoming place for all. The president and provost affirm the University’s commitment “to providing a safe, secure and welcoming environment that protects the privacy and human rights of all members of our community.” Read the complete statement

The University of Washington placed 3rd among 250 higher education institutions, according to the Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education College Rankings "The Best Value" in 2018. The Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education College Rankings calculated which schools among the top 250 overall provide the best value, by dividing each school's overall score by its average net price -- including tuition, fees, room and board -- for students who received federal or institutional aid.

The University of Washington placed 4th among U.S. higher education institutions, according to the NTU Rankings in 2018. The UW trails only Harvard, Stanford and Johns Hopkins among U.S. institutions in the NTU Ranking, compiled by National Taiwan University, and also known as the “Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for World Universities.”

University of Washington Medical Center, part of the UW Medicine health system, earned U.S. News & World Report’s No. 1 hospital ranking in Washington state and in the Seattle metropolitan area on August 14, 2018. 

UW ranks No. 5 on Forbes’ Best Value Colleges 2018 The University of Washington ranked No. 5 on the Forbes list of Best Value Colleges 2018, an increase from 23rd place in the 2016 ranking.

"As the 15th ranked* university in the world, we are attracting more and more bright and motivated international students. A diverse, global student body is essential for robust intellectual stimulation and true career readiness." David L. Eaton, dean and vice provost of the Graduate School UW maintains 15th in the world ranking

Also, University of Washington is being ranked 25th in the World University Rankings 2018 (overall category), and 18th in the Best universities in the United States 2018.

"A national ranking that spotlights colleges that "help non-wealthy students attain marketable degrees at affordable prices" has listed UW Tacoma the number one "best bang for the buck in the West." University of Washington - Tacoma is being ranked 1st in the Best Bang for the Buck - West according the 2017 Washington Monthly college ranking. 

"The University of Washington was the top ranked American public university among the top 10 in Reuters’ annual list of the world’s most innovative universities." 

UW among top 10 in US News Best Global Universities ranking; No. 2 among US public institutions according to the U.S. News & World Report’s Best Global Universities rankings

  • It is the first and only graduate program in business analytics through the University of Washington
  • World-class faculty and experts constitute the program
  • The Graduate School accepts applications from U.S. citizens, permanent residents (green card holders), immigrants and international applicantsUndocumented individuals are eligible for admission to any graduate program at the University of Washington. Graduate School admission requirements and application procedures are the same for all applicants regardless of citizenship and visa status.

return on investment (ROI)

dedicated career center for Milgard students

Milgard School of Business Success CenterThe Milgard School of Business is proud to announce the opening of our dedicated career management Success Center. The Center is located in Dougan 290. Career management services will be offered to all Milgard students and alumni.

adaptive & innovative program design


Keep your day job! It's not just about business analytics, it's about preparing savvy digital talents for the Fourth Industrial Revolution – jobs of the future with the skills you need. Students will become the next generation of savvy business analysts and digital talents: T-shaped analytical thinkers & adaptive innovators. This interdisciplinary program creates a powerful learning experience and emphasizes integrative learning, critical thinking and creative problem solving.

diverse student body

MSBA ADMISSION PROCESSOur objective is to select students who demonstrate a strong aptitude for business, leadership capacity, and commitment to completing the program requirements. We strongly believe that a diverse student body helps create such an environment.

opportunity for up to 3 years OPT for international students

International students graduating from this program have the opportunity to work in the USA for up to three years using Optional Practical Training (OPT). OPT is temporary employment that's directly related to an F-1 student’s major. An added advantage for international students is that the MSBA falls under a STEM Designated Degree Program. Under this STEM classification, Milgard MSBA students on an F-1 visas can qualify for a 24-month Optional Practical Training Extension on top of the standard 12-month post-completion OPT. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to gain professional training and work experience on their F-1 visa.

GMAT/GRE waivers

We have a GMAT/GRE waiver policy for qualified applicants.

TOEFL requirements & waivers

If your native language is not English, the University of Washington (UW) requires you to demonstrate English language proficiency. UW has a TOEFL Requirement & Waiver Policy for qualified applicants.

Application deadlines for the student cohort beginning June 2019:

  • Early: November 15, 2018     International: January 15, 2019     Final: March 15, 2019

Due to the competitive nature of this program, the limited seats in the program fill up quickly. We therefore recommend applying as early as possible in the application cycle.