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CBA co-creates value with/for EDUCATION & RESEARCH PARTNERS in 5 primary ways

Analytics Academy:

- Faculty can partner with CBA for Student Education:

The Center serves as a catalyst and provides access to knowledge related to the use of analytics, big data and digital transformation for students (undergraduate and Masters). We are always looking for Visiting Faculty / Part-time Lecturer in Business Analytics/ Information Systems/Statistics.

Our Programs 

Co-create topics of study with us

- Faculty can partner with CBA for Executive and Professional Development Programs:

The Center develops and delivers a number of short courses for working professionals, career changers and new graduates from all sectors interested in business analytics, service transformation, and technology innovation. Let us know if you have an interest to co-offer customized courses.

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Researchers can partner with CBA for Problem-Focused Research: 

The Center works with companies to address problems by conducting and supporting cutting-edge research in data science with a business lens. Let us know if you have an interest to collaborate on research projects.


Learn more about the MSBA Applied Projects (available for Master of Science in Business Analytics Program)

Learn more about Research Projects with Milgard Faculty (any UW student is eligible to apply)

Apply for ISSIP-IBM-CBA Student Paper Award @ The Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS51) For "Best Industry Studies Paper"

Milgard Faculty & Research Areas

Advisory Board/Corporate Partnership:

The center is in a process of creating an industry advisory board that represent a range of industry sectors and bring to the Center diverse business interests and problems to advance the science of data and innovation.

We are currently working on a number of faculty & researcher-oriented programs (e.g. research collaborations with industry, faculty research grant program). PLEASE STAY TUNED!

Virtual Analytics Innovation Lab:

The center is in a process of establishing a virtual analytics innovation lab. Faculty and researchers will be able to utilize these resources to advance their professional development and career. PLEASE STAY TUNED!

Learn more about the CBA's Virtual Analytics Innovation Lab