Code of Conduct

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Milgard School of Business

Code of Conduct


The reputation and success of the Milgard School of Business depend on the ethical behavior, integrity and good judgment of faculty and staff. Our Code of Conduct guides personal and professional conduct and obligates faculty and staff to function as an accessible, collaborative team.

Honesty and Integrity

Milgard School staff and faculty are honest, reliable, and act with the highest integrity. We operate under a mandate to maintain, strengthen and improve the public's trust and confidence in the School by meeting our obligations and delivering what we promise.

Kindness and Respect

Milgard faculty and staff respect each other and act with unfailing kindness toward each other and with all individuals with whom they interact. We believe that a demonstrated courtesy, consideration, and sympathy for colleagues, students and the wider community are a non-negotiable hallmark of who we are.


Milgard faculty and staff maintain an unwavering commitment to students and to the wider community. We act to preserve and enhance accessibility to our stakeholders.


Milgard faculty and staff recognize that we are at our best and strongest when we perform as a team. We believe that together we can achieve far greater things than we can individually.

Diversity and Inclusiveness

Milgard Faculty and Staff value and honor diversity and inclusiveness. We welcome diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives as an integral part of who we are.