Business Course Enrollment Requests

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Enrollment requests have replaced entry codes. The Milgard School of Business no longer issues entry codes. Instead, students who request enrollment are registered for their requested course(s) once their request has been verified and approved. 

Instructor permission and program approval are required when a class is full. For reasons of public safety and instructional quality, course enrollment in each section will be limited to the approved classroom capacity first. If there is physical space available and the student has the instructor’s permission (forward email to We do not keep waiting lists for courses. If openings become available, you may register.

We reserve the right to require an enrollment request whether or not the course is so designated in the time schedule.

*To protect your privacy, Milgard School of Business staff will only respond to messages originating from UW email accounts. View the full UW Tacoma email policyhere.

Request ENROLLMENT from the Milgard School of Business