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Web & Multimedia Requests

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Office, Keys and Access

Office Location

Milgard School of Business
Dougan Building (DOU) 401
Campus Box: 358420
Main Phone: 253-692-5630
Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30-4:30
Campus Address: 1900 Commerce Street, Tacoma, WA 98402
Milgard Dougan Building Address: 1721 Jefferson, Tacoma, WA 98402

Keys, Access Cards, and Mail

You will be issued a key to Dougan (DOU) 401. Your Husky card will access  the Dougan Building after hours. Your mailbox will be located in DOU 401A where mail is distributed each workday. Outgoing mail should be left in the postal bin near the mailboxes. Please pick up your key and access card at Campus Safety (DOU 180) prior to the beginning of the quarter you will teach. ID is required.

Office Hours and Location

All faculty regardless of title are responsible to hold office hours, at least 2 hours per week during the quarter you are teaching. It is suggested that you make yourself available to students via email and let them know when you will check email and in what period of time they can expect a response. If a student needs to speak with you face-to-face, let them know you will meet with them by appointment only.

Technology or facility issues

For damages or repairs to a building or office contact: Facility Services

  • Use the Facilities Services web form to request work orders relating to campus spaces inside and outside - air temperature, restrooms, sidewalks, etc. Find the form here (look for the "Service Request" button on the right).

For computer or printer issues, contact Information Technology at tachelp@uw.edu.

Campus and Parking


UW Tacoma students, faculty and staff are able to purchase a parking permit for any UW Tacoma lot, with the exception of the Cragle and Pinkerton lots.

>To purchase a parking permit, please visit the Purchasing UW Tacoma Parking Permit website.

Campus Resources

Campus Map
Canvas Login
Faculty Assembly: Part-Time Lecturer Support

Campus Safety and Security

Location: Dougan Building (DOU), Suite 180
Non-emergency: 253-692-4416
Emergency: 253-692-4888 or #333 from a campus phone
In the event of immediate danger, dial 9-1-1
Website: Campus Safety & Security

We have many outstanding resource for safety and security at the University of Washington Tacoma and they will be most effective if everyone is well informed. As with any urban setting, the community surrounding the campus offers opprotunities and challenges typical of all cities. The Campus Safety & Security office operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year to provide a safe and secure educational environment for the UW Tacoma community.

You may wish to read information on the following:

Teaching Resources

Time Schedule

Time Schedule link


Canvas is a web-based learning environment designed to supplement class time by providing an area to post homework, paper topics, supplemental materials, and an area for forum discussions for your students. UW Seattle automatically provisions course sites for all courses being taught, by all faculty, as soon as the time schedule for each quarter is released. This means that you may already have a course site for your class on Canvas that you can begin to develop.

Textbooks/Course Materials

University Bookstore Textbook requests are submitted online. The office will notify you when your order is due for the upcoming quarter.


An electronic copy of the syllabus for your course(s) is due by the Friday before the start of the quarter.

You must use the approved Student Learning Objectives for your course. These may only be changed through the curriculum approval process using a course change form.

The UWT Faculty Assembly maintains up-to-date suggested syllabi service statements that you may wish to use to copy and paste into your syllabus.

Teaching Resources and Academic Technology

The University of Washington Tacoma offers a number of resources. We suggest that you become familiar with these resources and utilize them as needed in the classroom.

Class Attendance

Attendance in class by students is not mandatory. Therefore, grades cannot be decreased due to lack of attendance. If you have class participation as part of the assessment of grade you may grade students on class participation.

Class Lists

Once you have established a UW Net ID and log-in for UWT, you can view and print your class lists by using MyUW. Open MyUW as if you were logging on to your email. On the left-hand side of the page, you will see a teaching tab. Click on the teaching tab and "My Class Resources" opens. At the top right in the colored band you will see Class List. Now you can see and print your list. Also in the top colored band is the icon with 4 silhouette, click this and you will see pictures of your students. Finally, if you would like a class list spreadsheet emailed to you, click on the blue "Request class email list".

Classroom Supplies

Supplies are available for use in classrooms. You may help yourself to the supplies that are in the mailroom cupboard and shelves in DOU 401A.

Final Exams

This is the 2019-2020 Finals Week schedule.   Refer to the Final Exam Schedule Guidelines for additional information.

Classroom Support by Information Technology

Information Technology is available for classroom support, including: faculty, student and guest presentation assistance, computer and media equipment training and troubleshooting, and additional equipment setup. General classroom support can be requested via email at tacmedia@uw.edu

For more information on Classroom Support by Information Technology, click here.

Academic Honesty

Information on UW Tacoma's policy on academic honesty can be found here.

Husky Card

The Husky Card is the official identification card for members of the UW community and is available to students, faculty and permanent staff and can give you access to a variety of services.


Librarians are dedicated to improving student's critical thinking and research skills by collaborating with faculty to provide library instruction.

Undergraduate Enrollment Request

Occasionally a student will have trouble registering for your class (typically the prerequisite is not being recognized) and may need enrollment assistance, you may refer them the undergraduate enrollment request form at www.tacoma.uw.edu/msb_enroll. This is monitored by BABA advising staff and a student will be enrolled if there request is approved.

The UWT time schedule (http://www.washington.edu/students/timeschd/T/) has information related to course registration restrictions. Aubree and the BABA advisors are always happy to talk through a situation with you—stop by our offices, give us a call, or send an email.

  • There are specific situations where we will only approve enrollment if we have permission from the faculty:
    1. Requests to overload (see information below for updated overload policy as of June 2020)
    2. Taking a class when the student does not have the stated prerequisite (please note--even with faculty approval there may be a situation where enrollment is not approved)
    3. Adding a course after the 5th day of the quarter

In these situations, an students upload your email into the enrollment request form, permission must be specific, for example, "Joe may add my class even though it is the 8th day of the quarter."

If you have a question about whether or not to approve enrollment, please feel free to email busentry@uw.edu , ask Aubree Steffens or a BABA advisor for additional information.

  • Overloading

The Milgard School of Business will not consider overload requests for undergraduate courses until a week before the start of the quarter. Students seeking to overload a course should:

  1. Sign up for seat availability notifications through the time schedule (click on the hyperlink of the SLN to find the seat availability notification).
  2. Consult with a business school advisor to determine other schedule options.

Overload requests will only be granted if the student has email permission from the faculty member and after business school advising staff have been consulted. Click here to download the full Overload Policy, Process, and Guidance document.

  • There are some courses that have registration restrictions:
    • TBUS 400-the required prerequisites for this course are 1.7 or higher in TBUS 300, 301, 310, 320, and 350 (student may be enrolled concurrently in TBUS or TACCT 330 with TBUS 400). No exceptions.
    • TBUS 350 Business Finance-registration in this course is restricted to students admitted to the MSB. Prerequisite of 2.0 in calculus or 1.7 in TBUS 301.
    • TBUS 330 Information Technology-registration in this course is restricted to students admitted to MSB or those with a declared business minor.
    • TBUS 301 Quant Methods-registration restricted to students admitted to MSB or those with a declared math major (needs to meet prerequisite).
    • Upper division accounting-registration is restricted to BABA and non-matriculated accounting.
    • Upper division finance-restricted to BABA students only.

Questions? Contact Aubree Steffens or any of the undergraduate advisors.

Network Printing and the Copy Center

Copy room & network printer

The copier is located in Dougan 301B (the Staff/Faculty Lounge). This copier is only for limited copies. Large copy projects (more than 15 sheets produced) should be sent to the Copy & Mail Center. The network printer in Dougan 301B is for faculty use.

Copy and Mail Center

Location: Mattress Factory 053 - Ground Floor
Phone: 253-692-5787
Email: uwtcc@uw.edu
Website: Copy and Mail Center

Academic Alert

  • The University Academic Advising (UAA) website houses the Academic Alert form. Faculty and staff are encouraged to submit this form when there are signs a student may be struggling in class, examples include:
    • Failed exams and/or quizzes
    • Missing or incomplete assignments
    • Attendance issues (tardiness, multiple missed classes)
    • Lack of participation
    • Time management challenges
  • The UAA staff receive submissions and forward alerts to a student’s academic advisor, one of our BABA advisors will reach out to any business majors of concern. More information on academic alert and the form is available here


Course Evaluations

Course Evaluations

The Office of Educational Assessment is responsible for providing assessment support to all University of Washington colleges, schools and programs. OEA administers the UW-developed Instructional Assessment System (IASystem) to collect, archive and report course evaluations across the UW system.

IASystem Access

Grading Policy and Grades

Grading Policy and Grades

Grading Policy

Grades are due on the first Tuesday following final examination week by 5:00pm. NOTE: Grading system closes promptly at 5:00 pm on due date. Grades are done online through Catalyst GradePage

GradePage Links:

"X" grade

When a grade is not assigned in a course, then “X” appears on the transcript. In situations where a student no longer attends class and ceases communication, entering the grade the student earned in the course is preferred over not entering a grade—this makes the student’s transcript a more accurate reflection of their academic progress. Using the Academic Alert system ensures a student receives communications on resources that may help them.

Incomplete (I)

An incomplete is given only when the student has been in attendance and has done satisfactory work within two weeks of the end of the quarter and has furnished proof satisfactory to the instructor that the work cannot be completed because of illness or other circumstances beyond the student's control. (view Grading Policy for details related to the difference in Undergradaute and Graduate courses)

Campus and Business Listservs

Campus and Business Listservs

You will automatically be signed up for our msbfaculty listserv. This list is used by the Milgard School of Business office to send meeting announcements, event details and faculty information.

If you are interested in being kept up to date about current events and other teaching learning opportunities on the UWT campus you may be interested in signing up for UWT line.

Workday: Hiring and Payroll


Workday - Hiring & Payroll System:

The University of Washington uses Workday to process hiring appointments and payroll.  New employees will receive multiple emails from Workday as part of the onboarding process.  These steps will also assist you in creating a unique UW Net ID if you do not already have one.

Workday is the system that houses all your personal, benefit and payroll information.  You will be required to use a two-factor (2FA) solution to view or modify this information.

To learn more about Workday and the 2FA process, please visit the online resources located on the UW Integrated Service Center website:  https://isc.uw.edu/new-to-workday/

Payroll & Compensation:

Payday’s are on the 10th and 25th of each month.  Exceptions to these dates are when the 10th or 25th fall on a weekend or holiday.  Pay slips can be accessed in Workday.  Paychecks will be mailed to the address you have on file in Workday unless you have established direct deposit.  The University encourages direct deposit for all employees.  For more information on paychecks and how to set-up direct deposit in Workday, please visit the online resources:  https://isc.uw.edu/your-pay-taxes/paycheck-info/

Interested in Becoming a Part-Time Lecturer?

Interested in becoming a Part-Time Lecturer?

In accordance with the University of Washington's Faculty Code, all prospective part-time lecturers are required to submit materials for review by a school's or unit's full-time faculty. A majority yes-vote among the full-time faculty in the Milgard School of Business is required before an applicant is formally approved to teach (pending final approval from Academic HR).

Part-time lecturers are assigned courses on an as-needed basis. Full time MSB faculty members receive priority in course assignments to meet their in-load teaching obligations to the university.

Milgard School of Business program areas

The Milgard School of Business includes the following program areas:

  • Master of Accounting
  • Master of Science in Business Analytics
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Business Administration with concentrations in:
    • Accounting
    • Finance
    • General Business
    • Marketing
    • Management


Alison Hendricks, Director of Operations and Administration, will be your contact for general information.

Office address and phone

Milgard School of Business
1900 Commerce Street, Tacoma, WA 98402
Campus Box 358420
Main Phone: 253-692-5630