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Studying abroad expands your understanding of the world and develops cultural awareness all while earning credits toward your UW Tacoma degree.

Business in the Global Economy: Views from Spain | 2018 | Led by Dr. Margo Bergman and Dr. Stephen Norman

By studying and living in a foreign country, you’ll gain a new understanding of your unique heritage and values. Students often become more confident, self-reliant, independent, and empathetic as they learn to navigate and live comfortably within a different culture. Interacting with the local population and fellow international students allows you to gain greater respect for other cultures, lifestyles, values, and norms.

Spring 2019

GERMANY: European Summer School: Business Management, Culture and Economics

Fall 2019

THE NETHERLANDS: From Sea to Shining Sea: Exploration of Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives at the Ports of Washington and the Netherlands

Previous Programs

UW Tacoma Global Business Study Tour in Indonesia - This study abroad program introduced students to Indonesia business culture and society over one week. While there, they visited our overseas partner institutions and participated in academic seminars, group work, industry visits, and cultural activities. 
Led  by: Brandon Fleming; David Thornton
Offered: Spring 2019

UW Tacoma When in Rome: Intercultural Business Communication - Students visited Italian corporations, interacted with Italian business professionals and conducted informative interviews designed to interpret the underlying norms and standards of communication in the workplace. Students also witnessed marketplace exchanges between vendors and a multi-cultural customer base to interpret nuances of language and nonverbal communication while in negotiation and exchange positions.
Led by: Evelyn Shankus; Jennifer Heckman; Sally Deck
Offered: Late Fall 2018

Business in the Global Economy: Views from Spain – Students gained a deeper understanding about the global economy by interacting with international business firms in Leon and Madrid, Spain. By taking part in hands on experiences and lectures to observe how Spanish business environments differ from those in the United States, students learned about global business theory while seeing it applied in the real world.
Led by: Dr. Margo Bergman and Dr. Stephen Norman
Offered: Spring 2018

MBA Renaissance Thinking and Contemporary Leadership - In this interdisciplinary course, students developed leadership skills such as cultivating new perspectives and appreciating diverse attitudes as strategies to bring vibrant sustainability to their organizations. Students learned how to apply this dynamic and creative thinking process to the practical work of leading today's organizations.
Led by: Sally Deck and Dr. Anne Bartlett
Offered: Late Spring 2017



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