Meet the Pack Advisors

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Gina Choi|Gold Pack | She/Her/Hers |Greetings! I'm Gina from Gold Pack! I'm a junior majoring in Communication. I’m also a representative of UWT's student government. I lived in Los Angeles for 10 years, and returned to Washington to become a proud Husky! My hobbies include singing, doodling, and attempting to longboard. I have a pomeranian-chihuahua named Jutsu; he's a very good boy. Say hi if you ever see me on campus! GO DAWGS!

photo of Lizette HarrisLizette Harris|Black Pack | She/Her/Hers |Hi! I’m Lizette, one of the Black Pack Advisors. I’m not only a resource but also a friend. I love to work with people as I volunteer throughout Hilltop with the local youth and police department. I am here to help you, whether this is your first year at the UW or your last. Don’t hesitate to say “hi” if you see me on campus. GO DAWGS!

photo of Willow RaeburnWillow Raeburn|Gray Pack| They/Them/Theirs|Hey there! I'm Willow, one of the Gray Pack Advisors. I have a passion for helping people, and I'm here for you! I love Marvel comics, fantasy books, and Janelle Monae and pets. GO DAWGS!

Jai'Shon Berry| Gray Pack | He/His/Him| Hi! My name is Jai’shon, I am one of the Gray Pack Advisors. I am planning on majoring in Business Administration. If you see me on campus, feel free to ask me any questions. I am the current president of CSF club on campus.  I like to cook and eat and coworkers have nicknamed me “Snackbar” because I am usually eating snacks. If you see me on campus, feel free to ask me any questions. GO DAWGS!

Bridget “Bee” Hafner | Gold Pack | She/Her/Hers|Hey, y’all! My name is Bridget, you can call me ‘Bee’! I am your proud Gold Pack Advisor! I am a senior majoring in Global Urbanism. You can find me playing video games, Dungeons & Dragonsand hanging out with my datemate. I am an extrovert, a swimmer, and all around people-person! Hit me up if you have questions or you want to see pictures of my dog, Boomer. GO DAWGS!

Derrick Derricks|Purple Pack | He/Him/His|What’s up everyone, my name is Derrick Derricks! I am a junior majoring in Biomedical Sciences and I am one of your Purple Pack Advisors. One of my big goals is to build community here so I hope if y’all see me around you say what's up! I'm excited to get to know all of you and create some new friendships throughout the school year, let’s make it exciting and stay involved. GO DAWGS!

Katrine Viscaya|Purple Pack | She/Her/Hers|Hi all! My name is Katrine and I am one of your Purple Pack Advisors! I’m a senior majoring in Business Management and minoring in Sociology. My goal is to pursue my Masters in Business Education and eventually become "assistant to the regional manager". I love concerts, iced coffees, and Chipotle. My favorite quote is “Life isn’t a race, find joy in the journey”. Let’s make it a great school year! GO DAWGS!

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