Meet the Pack Advisors

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photo of Lizette HarrisHi! I’m Lizette, one of the Black Pack Advisors. I’m not only a resource but also a friend. I love to work with people as I volunteer throughout Hilltop with the local youth and police department. I am here to help you, whether this is your first year at the UW or your last. Don’t hesitate to say “hi” if you see me on campus. GO DAWGS!



My name is Jai’shon, I am one of the Gray Pack Advisors. I am planning on majoring in Business Administration. I am the current president of CSF club on campus.  I like to cook and eat and coworkers have nicknamed me “Snackbar” because I am usually eating snacks. If you see me on campus, feel free to ask me any questions. GO DAWGS!



What’s up everyone, my name is Derrick Derricks! I am a junior majoring in Biomedical Sciences and I am one of your Purple Pack Advisors. One of my big goals is to build community here so I hope if y’all see me around you say what's up! I'm excited to get to know all of you and create some new friendships throughout the school year, let’s make it exciting and stay involved. GO DAWGS!



My name is Amari and excited to be a Pack Advisor! I was born and raised in Tacoma, so with UW being in the heart of the city I love it was a no brainer this university was my first choice. I’m an outgoing, fun loving free spirit who prides herself in giving back to the community. When I’m not burning my fingers cooking, I’m out hanging with friends or watching YouTube videos on DIY crafts. Wherever you see me, I’m guaranteed to be high energy and ready to help! 



Hello! My name is Exita Lealofi. I am planning on double-majoring in Law & Policy and Communication with a main focus in Global Engagements. I love baking and reading, so if you see a curly hair girl sitting and reading alone, that's me! I’m an easy person to talk to so please feel free to ask me anything whether it’s school or student organization related. Be bold and Be Boundless! Go Dawgs!



My name is Jake, and I am one of your Pack Advisors. I am a sophomore Psychology major, and I am dedicated to helping anyone in need. I basically live my life in a way that would make Captain America proud, because he is my idol. I am also a good resource for any of those who have or are currently serving in the military. I look forward to becoming more familiar with all of you and hope you all know you can come to me any time you have questions. I will do my best to assist you all in the journey towards graduation. Go Dawgs!


My name is Melody Du. My hometown was in Seattle but I have lived in between the border of Auburn and Federal Way for the past 18 years. My class standing is freshman (Class of 2023! Whoop whoop) I’m currently pre major but going to major in biomedical science. Fun fact is that I’m a foodie, if you are looking for somebody to hangout and eat with, you can count on me. I’m a swimmer and my preferred strokes are freestyle and butterfly. My hobby is that I love to listen to myself. I am currently jamming with Vietnamese music so if you want to listen to a foriegn country's music like Vietnam, you know who to ask. My favorite quote is “ When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile” and also “I turned my can'ts into can and dreams into plan”.  Go Dawgs!

Welcome Huskies! My name is Tina Nguyen. I’m honored and excited to be your Pack Advisor! I’m studying computer science and learning about the phenomena of how technology connects people. I can’t wait to tell you about the student clubs I am involved with on campus. I really enjoy different mediums of art and expression through drawing, clay sculptures, and singing. I hope to serve the UWT community and empower my peers through our college journey. If you’d like to chat about campus life over some bubble tea, I hope you reach out to me. Go Dawgs!



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