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27TH ANNUAL COMMENCEMENT Tacoma Dome, June 14, 2017

Amazing graduates, inspiring faculty and staff and the pomp and circumstance of “the big day!”

Learn about more than 20 new grads. There are more than 1,770 stories like these that make up the Class of 2017.

Discover a few of the faculty and staff that have mentored the Class of 2017.

If you couldn't be at Commencement in person, sample some of the tradition and the ceremony on screen and in print.

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Kayesee Schermerhorn, '17, Law & Policy


A class in sociology changed Kayesee Schermerhorn's worldview, leading her to choose law and policy as a major, and ultimately leading to the Husky 100.

Learn more about Kayesee

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Amazing Graduates 1 of 5

Nhan Hoang, '17, Business Administration/Marketing

Coming to the U.S. from Vietnam to improve his life, Nhan Hoang is one of this year's Husky 100 and graduates with a degree in business administration.

Learn more about Nhan

Nhan Hoang, '17, Business Administration/Marketing

Anna Nepomuceno, '17, Politics, Philosophy & Economics

At first she wanted to be a 'spin doctor,' but Anna Nepomuceno quickly realized her interest lay in politics and legislation.

Learn more about Anna

Anna Nepomuceno, '17, Politics, Philosophy & Economics

Yuliana Ambriz, '17, Ethnic, Gender & Labor Studies

"Just keep moving forward," says Yuliana Ambriz, UW Tacoma Student Activities Board Chair and first-generation student.

Learn more about Yuliana

Yuliana Ambriz, '17, Ethnic, Gender & Labor Studies
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2017 Commencement - Program


View and download the complete 2017 UW Tacoma Commencement Program

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Rashida Robbins, '17, Business Administration/Marketing


Success for marketing graduate Rashida Robbins has been a family affair, with inspiration from her grandparents, help from her parents, and the joy of her two children.

Learn more about Rashida

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Amazing Graduates 2 of 5

Karter Duff, '17, Writing Studies

Karter Duff shares the story of his journey from high school drop-out to UW Tacoma degree to grad school acceptance.

Learn more about Karter

Karter Duff, '17, Writing Studies

Jay Novelo, ’17, Ethnic, Gender & Labor Studies

A first-generation student, Jay Novelo is one of the Husky 100 and plans a career as a high school teacher.

Learn more about Jay

Jay Novelo, '17, Ethnic, Gender & Labor Studies

Nataley Guajardo, ’17, Law & Policy

Nataley Guajardo shook off a discouraging mentorship experience in community college to get in touch with her core strengths and her power to influence others.

Learn more about Nataley

Nataley Guajardo, '17, Law & Policy
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2017 Commencement - Ad


View and download a .pdf of the full-page newspaper ad featuring the names of the more than 1,770 members of the Class of 2017. This ad ran in The News Tribune on June 11, 2017.

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Andy Flanagan, '17, Law & Policy


UW Tacoma Veteran Navigator Andy Flanagan, graduating in 2017 with a degree in Law & Policy, has been helping student vets get the resources they need.

Learn more about Andy

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Amazing Graduates 3 of 5

Alishia Agee-Cooper, ’17, Master of Social Work

Shedding self-doubts, Alishia Agee-Cooper listened to the people around her and is putting her new degree to use as an advocate for children and the marginalized.

Learn more about Alishia

Alishia Agee-Cooper, '17, Master of Social Work

Cyril Johns, ’17, Communication

A peer advisor while at UW Tacoma and a member of the Husky 100, Cyril Johns hopes to attend medical school and specialize in orthopedics.

Learn more about Cyril

Cyril Johns, '17, Communication

Ashley Righetti, ’17, Psychology

A first-generation college student and one of the Husky 100, Ashley Righetti plans to pursue a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

Learn more about Ashley

Ashley Righetti, '16, Psychology
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Gabriela Raisl, '17, Psychology


The 9/11 attacks changed her life completely, but Gabriela Raisl, UW Tacoma psychology graduate and first-generation student, has learned there is more than one way to achieve your dreams.

Learn more about Gaby

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Amazing Graduates 4 of 5

Asha Isaac, ’17, Information Technology & Systems

One of 17 siblings, and the seventh to get a college degree, Asha Isaac is one of the Husky 100 and now has a job at Costco's Issaquah headquarters.

Learn more about Asha

Asha Isacc, '17, Information Technology & Systems

Christopher Johnston, ’17, Law & Policy

Overcoming what seemed to be impossible challenges, Christopher Johnston credits his mother's love and support, and the Husky Promise, for his degree in Law & Policy.

Learn more about Christopher

Christopher Johnston, '17, Law & Policy

Maggie Gonzalez, ’17, Sustainable Urban Development

Armed with her UW Tacoma degree in sustainable urban development and her experiences as a resident advisor, Maggie Gonzalez plans to continue her studies in public administration.

Learn more about Maggie

Maggie Gonzalez, '17, Sustainable Urban Development
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Inspiring Faculty and Staff


2017 Distinguished Teaching Award - Dr. Divya McMillin
Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

Dr. Divya McMillin, 2017 Distinguished Teaching Award
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Rafael Saucedo, '17, Healthcare Leadership


Telling himself he wasn't going to make any friends staying locked in his Court 17 apartment, Rafael Saucedo became a student leader and the first one in his family to get a college degree.

Learn more about Rafael

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Amazing Graduates 5 of 5

Ashley Dickerson, ’17, Law & Policy

The right teacher or the right class can transform a life. Just ask UW Tacoma Class of 2017 member Ashley Dickerson.

Learn more about Ashley

Ashley Dickerson, '17, Law & Policy

Angela Suresh, ’17, Communication

Angela Suresh is shattering stereotypes about what it means to be a South Asian American.

Learn more about Angela

Angela Suresh, '17, Communication

Jacob Nau, ’17, Writing Studies

Jacob Nau developed an idea for a literary journal on homelessness with his classmates in Abby Murray's editing and publishing class. Now the journal is online, in print and on the streets.

Learn more about Jacob

Jacob Nau, '17, Writing Studies
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