Aman Multani: Activating the Connection Between Law and Society

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As the child of immigrants himself, Aman Multani, '16, hopes as a lawyer to help newcomers know their rights and reach their potential.

Aman Multani, '16Aman Multani believes his missteps helped get him where he is today. The UW Tacoma senior graduates in June with a degree in politics, philosophy, and economics. The 23-year-old transferred to UW Tacoma after spending three years at Bellevue Community College.

Multani admits it took him longer to finish school because he didn’t take it seriously in the beginning. However, he doesn’t look back with regret. “I feel like I’ve learned a lot, that I’ve accomplished something and grown as a person in a lot of ways that may not have happened if I went to another university,” said Multani.

Multani is currently interning at the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project. His parents immigrated to the United States from India. Their experience shaped Multani’s decision eventually to become an immigration attorney. “It took a long time and was very hard for them to get the proper documentation,” said Multani.

After graduation, Multani plans to spend the next year working, studying for his LSATs, and applying to law schools. One of his professional goals is to help improve the discourse between the law and society at-large. “I feel like there’s a disconnect between what the law wants and what society wants,” said Multani.

Another of Multani’s professional goals is helping immigrants know their rights and realize their potential. “Enabling those people and giving them an opportunity is a good thing to do,” said Multani.

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Eric Wilson-Edge / June 6, 2016
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