The Best Stories of 2017

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From river piracy to the kindness of a smile, stories convey the many ways people connect with UW Tacoma's urban-serving mission.

The hardworking story-tellers in the news office at UW Tacoma have taken a moment to look up from our labors. After we got over our shock at how fast the year has flown by, we pulled together the list below of a few of our favorite stories that marked the course of the year.

If you enjoy these, take a look at our archive for the complete list of more than 120 stories from 2017.

"Ignite Your Passion," Campaign for UW Tacoma launch event, January 2017

UW Tacoma Embarks on Ambitious $45-Million Philanthropic Campaign

January 13, 2017

The Campaign for UW Tacoma, set to run through 2020, has as of December 2017 raised more than $30 million. Funds raised will support students, innovation and campus growth.

Sharon Laing, UW Tacoma Nursing & Healthcare Leadership

An App a Day

January 20, 2017

Nursing & Healthcare Leadership Assistant Professor Sharon Laing wants to use apps to connect low-income patients to health care.

Nursing & Healthcare Leadership Assistant Professor David Reyes

A Community of Researchers

February 28, 2017

Assistant Professor David Reyes, Nursing & Healthcare Leadership, is working with community members to address food access and insecurity in South Tacoma.

Van Huynh, UW Tacoma Nursing & Healthcare Leadership student

Van Huynh: The Kindness of a Smile

March 30, 2017

An experience with a surly nurse was a turning point for Nursing student Van Huynh, setting her on the way to becoming a leader in health care.

University of Washington Husky 100

Eight UW Tacoma students inducted into the 2017 Husky 100

April 4, 2017

The award honors students from all three UW campuses who have "made the most of their UW experience."

UW Tacoma geoscientist and assistant professor Dan Shugar

Up Close with River Piracy

April 17, 2017

When UW Tacoma geoscientist Dan Shugar and his research colleagues arrived in the Canadian Yukon, their as-it-happens experience with river piracy due to climate change got international attention.

Joe Lawless and Jill Purdy, co-creators of UW Tacoma's non-profit board governance two-course sequence.

Undergraduates Linking Theory & Practice: Non-Profit Board Governance

June 22, 2017

Originating in a brief conversation on UW Tacoma's Grand Staircase, a two-course sequence on non-profit governance fosters community connections and helps students achieve their career and service goals.

UW Tacoma Urban Studies Assistant Professor Britta Ricker

There's a Map for That

July 7, 2017

Urban Studies Assistant Professor Britta Ricker has teamed with the Tacoma Fire Department to create a disaster/fire preparedness app.

Amy McBride, '10 MAIS, City of Tacoma Arts Administrator, 2010 Distinguished Alumni Award recipient

Work of Art

July 28, 2017

City of Tacoma Arts Administrator Amy McBride is the recipient of the 2017 UW Tacoma Distinguished Alumni Award.

UW Tacoma donor wall in the TPS building

Block by Block

September 13, 2017

A new donor wall, made from reclaimed beams from the newly renovated Tacoma Paper & Stationery building, honors those who made UW Tacoma possible.

Arwa Dubad, UW Tacoma ASUWT President 2017-18

Arwa Dubad: Answering the Call

September 21, 2017

ASUWT President Arwa Dubad wasn't going to run for office. Then the 2016 elections happened.

A firefighter's mask held by UW Tacoma Institute of Technology Assistant Professor Matt Tolentino

Bringing Firefighters Back to the Future

October 18, 2017

Institute of Technology Assistant Professor Matt Tolentino is using new technology to help the Tacoma Fire Department solve old problems.

UW Tacoma's steel W

UW Tacoma Fall 2017 Enrollment Sets Record

November 30, 2017

Total enrollment of 5,185 includes 1,800 students new to campus this year. 85% of these come from one of the 10 Puget Sound counties.

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