The Best Stories of 2019

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The best stories coming out of UW Tacoma are all about our students! Here's a baker's dozen of stories about students making their impact in the world.

TeyAnjulee Leon, '18, Master of Arts Interdisciplinary Studies

TeyAnjulee Leon: Asking Hard Questions

For her master's thesis, graduate student TeyAnjulee Leon explored issues of race in higher education.


Augustine Canales, '19, Social Welfare

Augustine Canales: Something to Offer

As a kid, Augustine Canales didn't want to be anything. The UW Tacoma student is now a teacher, student, father and soon to be college graduate.


James Stevens, Senior, Electrical Engineering

An Army 'Computer Guy' Gets His Facts Right

James Stevens, senior in electrical engineering, jumped from the Special Forces to his life as a student-veteran at UW Tacoma.


Katalina Biondi, '19 B.S. Computer Science & Systems, Husky 100

Becoming Biondi

Katalina Biondi credits an assistant professor and a fellow student for helping her see the possible.


MaggieJo Baer, Senior, Environmental Science

How They Spent Their Summer

A group of UW Tacoma students and one recent alumna spent their summer in the lab as part of Senior Lecturer Julie Masura's environmental research experience course.


Byron Ragland, '19 Psychology, current MSW student

Byron's Banishment

As recounted in the University of Washington Magazine, Byron Ragland’s encounter with police at a frozen yogurt shop shook his sense of belonging and reminded him that society’s doors still aren’t open to all.


Maria Crisostomo, '19, Politics, Philosophy & Economics

Maria Crisostomo: Being the First

First-generation student, Indigenous artist, podcast host, leader. Maria Crisostomo is busy making a difference.


Gurchetan Singh, '19, Computer Science & Systems

Gurchetan Singh and the American Dream

From India to Highline to UW Tacoma, with stops in Bakersfield and Bellingham along the way, Computer Science & Systems alumnus Gurchetan Singh knows the American Dream is alive and well.


Emily Swanson, Post-baccalaureate, Biomedical Sciences

Delayed but Not Detoured

The 2008 financial collapse put Emily Swanson's plans on hold but she revived them here at UW Tacoma.


Mark Glenn, '95 Liberal Studies, '01 Master of Social Work

Sergeant Husky Goes to Vegas

Army veteran Mark Glenn, the winner of the UW Veterans Flyaway contest, credits his military service and his UW Tacoma education for his success.


Eric Barone, '11, Computer Science & Systems

The Love of the Game

UW Tacoma Distinguished Alumni Award recipient Eric Barone took what he learned in the classroom and used it to create a hit video game.


Mikel Pircey, Senior, Environmental Sustainability

The Giving Garden at Age Ten

More bees. More beds. A paid coordinator. Even hops. At age ten, UW Tacoma's community garden is growing and bearing fruit.


Marco Barajas, '18 B.S. Environmental Science

It's a Dirty Job

UW Tacoma alumnus Marco Barajas is happiest when he's knee deep in muck or up to his elbows in grease.


Written by: 
John Burkhardt / December 23, 2019
Photos by: 
Ryan Moriarty
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John Burkhardt, UW Tacoma Communications, 253-692-4536 or