Demolition of Dawg Shed opens hole on Pacific Avenue

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A demolition crew is tearing the building down this week to make way for UW Tacoma's new assembly hall. What once appeared from Pacific Avenue as an expanse of beige corrugated metal between the Cherry Parkes and Walsh Gardner buildings is now a pile of concrete rubble and twisted metal, providing a clear view of the UW Tacoma Library from the street. The structure, located at 1914 Pacific Ave., is expected to be completely removed by the first week of July. Behind the metal facing was an industrial shed that opened onto the heart of UW Tacoma's campus. Although open to the elements, the Dawg Shed once hosted white linen gala events with live music, big screen gatherings for the Apple Cup and other big games, and more.

Construction of the new building will begin in late August and is scheduled for completion in fall of 2008.

The new, 20,000-square-foot assembly hall will serve as a large multi-purpose gathering space at UW Tacoma, hosting world-class public lectures, arts events, performances and classes. The building will also provide a student commons area, collaborative study rooms and new retail space along Pacific Avenue. Major events will be open to the public. The $12 million building will be funded by $7 million from the state budget and $5 million in private donations. A groundbreaking ceremony will be held at 11 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 28.

For general information about the assembly hall project, visit the campus construction website.

June 27, 2007