Eight UW Tacoma Students in Husky 100

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The award honors students from all three UW campuses who have "made the most of their UW experience."

Husky 100

Eight UW Tacoma students are part of the inaugural Husky 100.  This award recognizes students from across all three UW campuses for their efforts both in and out of the classroom.  Through their passion, leadership and commitment, these students inspire all of us to shape our own Husky Experience.  The students chosen from the UW Tacoma campus are a diverse mix of experiences, backgrounds, and majors.  

Beleqsa Tamammi

BA Global Studies '16

My experiences in and outside the classroom demonstrate how I continuously take advantage of my time at UW Tacoma and seek out opportunities to serve and do more. I have demonstrated this by pursuing multiple study abroad, Global Honors, and working in the Center for Service and Leadership as the spring breakaway coordinator. I have been named to the Husky 100 because I fully seek out and engage in all the opportunities that being a UW Husky has granted me.

Regina Harper

BA Criminal Justice '17

As a volunteer and intern at Tacoma’s Juvenile Court and local Department of Social and Health Services office, I enjoy learning about the problems facing our community and directing my experiences inside the classroom to solving issues in our area. I am proud to be named one of the Husky 100, and, upon my graduation from the Criminal Justice program, I am committed to utilizing my knowledge and experiences to advocate for minority recruitment within the criminal justice system.

Ricky Clousing

BA Sustainable Urban Development '16

Excelling both inside and outside the classroom at UW Tacoma, Ricky has demonstrated a discovery mindset and capacity for leadership that has not gone unnoticed. A multiple dean’s list recipient and officer of CIVITAS and Project Earth, he has remained active on campus while raising a family. He is interested in how ecological design can influence urban planning and as a student traveled to Portland, Detroit and New York City to learn how cities are leading the way in climate action.

Sopeck Nop

BS Computer Science '17

As a Husky, I have been given the opportunity to shape my environment rather than just become a product of it. Committed to also empowering others through education and community engagement I founded UW Tacoma Dreams Big — a technology conference to encourage everyone especially women and people of color to pursue a career in STEM. As a woman computer scientist, I am equally passionate about user experience, leveling the technological playing field, and using technology to solve systemic problems.

Marae Slyter

Law and Policy and Ethnic, Gender, and Labor Studies '16

I’ve been a student representative for two years, president and founder of a growing theater program, and president of a growing pre-law program. My purpose for being a student is to enrich myself in the experience and to contribute to my university as a whole. I wanted to graduate knowing I left behind a legacy.

Daniel Kristiyanto

MS Computer Science and Systems '16

I’m a Fulbright scholar from Indonesia, pursuing a master’s degree in computer science. I work with the Bioinformatics research group, led by Dr. Ka Yee Yeung. My research interests are in the domain of data science, machine learning, bioinformatic and cloud computing. During my years at the UW, I have met the leaders, the shakers, the discoverers, the adventurers, the hopeful, the doubtful, and the big ones and the small ones; all of whom have inspired and helped me to unlock my full potential.

Kirsten Wilbur

EdD Educational Leadership '16

Out of my Educational Leadership graduate course work, I've felt a need to address the lack of diversity within the profession of occupational therapy and in the professional graduate program where I teach. The Husky Experience has empowered me to take a more active role in promoting equitable educational and health-care opportunities for disadvantaged communities in the south Puget Sound region. I hope to continue to be a bridge between my work setting and the community in which I live and work.

Melissa Workman

BA Asian History '16

I am a single working mother who made the decision to go to college later in life. Despite my struggles, I have made a decision that I will do everything in my power to be an example of what is possible through unflinching determination, not just with words but with my actions. With every thing I do I have to decide, “Will this be helpful in teaching my children and others?” And, if I falter, I can still provide others with valuable knowledge, even if it means teaching them, “Don’t make my mistakes.”

Written by: 
Eric Wilson-Edge / May 16, 2016
Media contact: 

John Burkhardt, UW Tacoma Communications, 253-692-4536 or johnbjr@uw.edu