Eight UW Tacoma students inducted into the 2017 Husky 100

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The award honors students from all three UW campuses who have "made the most of their UW experience."

Eight UW Tacoma students are being inducted into the second annual Husky 100. Each year, UW recognizes 100 UW undergraduates and graduate students from all three campuses in all areas of study who are making the most of their time at the UW. This year's eight follow eight students from UW Tacoma who were welcomed into the inaugural Husky 100 in 2016. Taken together, these 16 individuals embody the spirit of UW Tacoma's urban-serving mission.

Alishia Agee-Cooper

Tacoma, Wash.
Master of Social Work '17

I am a highly motivated and active community member who believes change starts with one person. I have overcome adversity and use my life experience to positively impact the lives of children and families who are involved in the public child welfare system. Currently, I am a member of the Washington State Parent Advocacy Committee and was recently chosen to participate in Alia Innovations' 3-day National Innovation Convening, bringing together 100 people to reimagine child welfare systems and implement the ideas, nationally.

Ryan Hanley

Tacoma, Wash.
BS Environmental Science (Geoscience) '18
Global Engagement

Attending UW Tacoma is truly a dream come true, and I am seeking to make the most of this empowering opportunity. I founded the Environmental Science Association to help engage fellow students while bringing positive change to the campus and the community. A scientific approach to solving complex environmental problems with innovative solutions is my passion. I advocate animal rights and environmental preservation, and I am driven to create the change that I want to make happen.

Nhan Hoang

Da Nang, Vietnam
BA Business Marketing '17
Global Engagement minor

I turn data and innovation into tangible outcomes. I apply my business skills to my passion for social justice. As a non-traditional English speaker, I overcame cultural barriers and social oppression to accept my identities. As a role model for marginalized communities, I lead as the Husky Mascot Coordinator, ASUWT Business Senator, Office of Student Success Program Coordinator, 2nd place winner in Milgard School of Business's Business Case Competition, and intern for a worldwide non-profit organization.

Asha Isaac

Tukwila, Wash.
BS Information Technology, '17

I am a leader who sees changes to be made and takes the initiative to make those changes. I look for opportunities that allow me to grow as a person and I value networking.

Cyril Johns

Inglewood, Calif.
BA Communication, '17

Hi, I'm CJ, and my goal is just to be able to help as many people as I can. I have been given many talents and skills, and I was taught that it is my responsibility to use them to help others. Hopefully I will be able to do that in the future.

Jay Novelo

Kent, Wash.
BA Ethnic, Gender & Labor Studies, '17

I am proud to say that I am a first-generation Filipino-American college student whose family is of low socioeconomic status. If I can summarize my Husky experience, it would be: “It is not how you start, but how you finish.” I never had the confidence in myself and my abilities as a leader and as a student, but UW Tacoma changed all that. Because of that, I vow to be a catalyst for change, and I will lead those who need it most.

Ashley Righetti

Sumner, Wash.
BS Psychology, '17

During my time at UW Tacoma, I have learned the importance of pushing beyond the boundaries of my comfort zone in order to foster success. I have grown from a person who is afraid to take on challenges for fear of failure and have been transformed into an individual who sees every opportunity as potential for growth. I would not be where I am today without the guidance and support of my wonderful mentor, Dr. Jennifer Harris.

Kayesee Schermerhorn

Vancouver, Wash.
BA Law & Policy, '17
Economics minor

My experience as a first-generation college student at the University of Washington Tacoma has ignited my passion for social justice and activism. I am a student representative on the Tri-Campus Race and Equity Initiative Committee, as well as a social justice event coordinator for the Student Activities Board. Once I graduate I plan to take what I have learned inside and outside of the classroom to become an attorney and serve marginalized communities.

Written by: 
John Burkhardt / April 4, 2017
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John Burkhardt, UW Tacoma Communications, 253-692-4536 or johnbjr@uw.edu