Garden in the City: UW Tacoma's new Giving Garden

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"Garden in the City" is a documentary video produced by Daniel Nash, '09, for a communication class at UW Tacoma in spring 2009.

Daniel Nash (IAS '09) made this video about UW Tacoma's Giving Garden for a communication class in spring 2009.

"I took documentary production during my last quarter with UW Tacoma because I love the technical puzzle of putting together a video, but I quickly found out Professor Kunz wanted us to make style secondary to substance," Nash says. "He wanted us to think of our documentary as an argument about the world, and a medium for social change.

"As a topic, the Giving Garden practically spoke for itself. Here was a handful of staff and students applying classroom knowledge to feed the needy. I can't think of any better social change to promote at the college level."

June 24, 2009
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