An IoT-enabled Smart Urban Waste Management System

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Assistant Professor Eyhab Al-Masri's students have developed, a complete framework using IoT edge computing and data management that enables smart urban waste management.

UW Tacoma School of Engineering & Technology Assistant Professor Eyhab Al-Masri.UW Tacoma has published a story, "A Good Garbage Idea," describing a smart urban waste management system developed by the School of Engineering & Technology's Dr. Eyhab Al-Masri and his students.

A poster describing the system was accepted into the 2018 IEEE International Conference on Big Data, held in Seattle on Dec. 11-13, 2018.

The story describes the problem of contaminated waste streams for urban waste managers. International markets for U.S. recycled materials, such as China, have recently tightened their standards, refusing to accept even minimal contamination with non-recyclable material. These contaminated shipments may end up in landfills.

When fully developed, is intended to be a complete framework for managing waste and recycling streams as well as data about those streams. For example, scheduling and routing of waste and recycling pickups could be more dynamic, with systems providing real-time information to haulers about the amount of material awaiting pickup.

At the Big Data conference, Dr. Al-Masri and Dr. Yan Bai, Associate Professor in the School of Engineering & Technology, are co-chairing the first international workshop on IoT Data Analytics. The workshop is bringing together more than 70 experts from around the world to address the challenges presented by the unprecedented growth in the number of devices connected to the internet and the amount of data they are generating.

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Eric Wilson-Edge / December 13, 2018
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Ryan Moriarty
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