Kylie Lanthorn hits a high note

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Kylie Lanthorn's path to UW Tacoma took her to the stage of Carnegie Hall. She is the first recipient of the Chancellor's Medal to have entered UW Tacoma as a freshman.

Kylie LanthornIf someone asks her how to get to Carnegie Hall, Kylie’s answer could also include Lincoln Center and Benaroya Hall. She was deeply into choral singing all the way up through high school, reaching the pinnacle of that world, including performances in those venues. Although she hasn’t done much singing since becoming a student at UW Tacoma, what she learned while performing as part of a group and blending her talent with others has echoed again and again throughout her college career.

She is the first Chancellor’s Medal recipient to have entered UW Tacoma as a freshman. She is receiving a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, majoring in arts, media and culture (the film and media track). She grew up in Graham, Washington, and continues to live there with her parents. She doesn’t live on a farm, but “the neighbors have yaks, and I can hear cows mooing when I walk the dogs.”

She’s been on the UW Dean’s List every quarter. She’s received numerous merit-based scholarships and stipends. Her article on the “greenwashing” practices of Coca-Cola has been published in the Augsburg Honors Review. She’s curated an exhibition at the Tacoma Museum of Glass. She has been closely involved with the latest campus art project: portraits of Tacomans by photographer Dawoud Bey.

She intends to go to graduate school and get a Ph.D. in communication. Ten years from now, she sees herself as an assistant professor at some place like UW Tacoma: not too big, urban, with a diverse student population and a mission to serve.

And maybe with a choir.

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John Burkhardt / June 6, 2013
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