New Faces 2016: Daniel Agee

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Daniel Agee, a first-year student who has his eye on computer engineering, hopes to get into the Air Force ROTC program.

Daniel AgeeDaniel Agee just started college but he’s already been at UW Tacoma for a while. The first-year student lives and works on campus (he started working a few months ago). The Gig Harbor native says location played a role in his decision to attend UW Tacoma. “I liked the idea of being just across the bridge from home.”

Agee calls himself a “Costa Rican farm boy.” His father is from Missouri; his mother is from Costa Rica. His older brother attends Tacoma Community College but Agee quickly points out that he is “the first to move away.”

The 18-year-old plans to pursue a degree in computer engineering. He chose this route partially because of his after-college plans. “I want to get into the Air Force ROTC program,” said Agee. “There are all kinds of jobs in the Air Force and I figure getting a degree in computer engineering will help me build a skillset.”

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Written by: 
Eric Wilson-Edge / September 29, 2016