New Faces 2016: Kyree Merritt

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Kyree Merritt, a first-year student from California, and a first-generation student, plans a career as a clinical psychologist.

Kyree MerrittKyree Merritt has come a long way—literally. The 18-year-old moved from Long Beach, California to Tacoma just a few weeks ago. “I made a decision to come out here and work on myself,” said Merritt. “It’s something new and I don’t like doing the same thing over and over again.”

The UW Tacoma freshman plans to pursue a career in psychology and wants to be a clinical psychologist. “I love helping people whether it’s mentally, physically, or emotionally,” he said. Merritt’s commitment to others came across during our interview. A fellow student approached and needed assistance finding the right room. Merritt briefly excused himself so he could take her there himself.

Merritt has an older sister and two younger brothers. He is the first in his family to attend college. Merritt feels the responsibility but welcomes the challenge. “I like to stay positive about myself and my future,” he said. “All I see is positivity coming my way.”

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Written by: 
Eric Wilson-Edge / September 29, 2016