New Faces 2016: Lorenzo Scott

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Lorenzo Scott, a first-year student who wants to study computer science and computer engineering, credits the Summer Bridge program and his father for getting him ready for college.

Lorenzo Scott“I’m pumped, I feel like I can take care of everything,” says Lorenzo Scott when asked about starting at UW Tacoma. Scott credits at least some of enthusiasm to the Summer Bridge program. Summer Bridge helps incoming first-year students prepare for life at a university through a course that runs from late August to mid-September. “I’m more prepared and know what I need to do to be successful,” he said.

Scott, 19, graduated from the TAF academy in Federal Way. He wants to pursue a double-major in computer science and computer engineering. He’s excited about a digital fabrication course he’s taking this fall. “I like it because part of the focus is on being more eco-friendly and creating products that won’t hurt the planet and might actually help it,” he said.

Summer Bridge helped Scott but he’s quick to give thanks to his father for helping him get to where he is today. “He carved me into the person that I want to be and provided me with an excellent foundation for me to pursue my career,” he said.

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Eric Wilson-Edge / September 29, 2016