New Faces 2016: Mary Rose Cadelina

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First-year student Mary Rose Cadelina, who is interested in accounting, had her eyes opened to her strengths by UW Tacoma's Summer Bridge program.

Mary Rose CadelinaMary Rose Cadelina sees education as a way to help more than just herself.  The 18-year-old is one of eight siblings.  “Anything good I do for myself also goes to my family,” said Cadelina.  This commitment extends to other areas of her life.  Cadelina works part-time at SeaTac Airport.   “I work so I can have enough money for school and for my family,” she said. 

The first-year student graduated from Global Connections High School in SeaTac this past spring.  She enrolled in the Summer Bridge Program at UW Tacoma and spent most of late August to mid-September learning how to succeed in college.  “It challenges you,” said Cadelina.  “I really appreciated being in the program because I met new people and it opened my eyes to my strengths and my weaknesses.”

Cadelina hasn’t decided on a major but she’s leaning toward accounting.  She admits to being a little nervous but is excited for the opportunity.  “Every chance I get for education I take because I know it’s a way to help me come out of my shell.”

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Written by: 
Eric Wilson-Edge / September 29, 2016