New Faces 2016: Paola Soto

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Paola Soto, a first-year and first-generation student from central Washington, wants a degree in criminal justice and plans to become a homicide detective.

Paola SotoFirst-year student Paola Soto came to UW Tacoma from the small central Washington town of Prosser. “This is very different from where I grew up,” said Soto. The 18-year-old is adjusting thanks in part to her setup at Court 17. “My roommates are great and the view from my room is amazing,” she said. “I can see the whole city.”

Soto is the oldest of three siblings and the first in her family to attend college. She plans on getting her degree in criminal justice and wants eventually to become a homicide detective. “I grew up watching police shows and the work has always interested me,” she said.

Soto may soon have some company on campus. One of her younger sisters is set to graduate from high school in the spring. “She wants to go to WSU but I’m trying to convince her to come here,” Soto said.

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Written by: 
Eric Wilson-Edge / September 29, 2016