Rebecca Dobler-Chale: Googling a College Career

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Her desire to give back is motivating Rebecca Dobler-Chale, '16, toward her long-term goal of helping students chart their own futures.

Rebecca Dobler-Chale, '16Type Rebecca Dobler-Chale’s name into Google and you’ll get back a lot of results. Most of what you’ll find includes the University of Washington Tacoma. “My mom was showing my cousins that if you look yourself up in Google you can see everything,” said Dobler-Chale. They searched my name and all these things popped up.”

The above story is significant for an interesting reason. At least some members of Dobler-Chale’s family wanted her to attend St. Martin’s University. “I think it sort of proved to my aunts and uncles that I was succeeding here,” said Dobler-Chale.

The 22-year-old communications major grew up in Gig Harbor and went to high school at Bellarmine Prep. She played basketball in high school but otherwise didn’t get involved. That changed when she started at UW Tacoma. Dobler-Chale enrolled in the Summer Bridge program which provides incoming freshman with tools they’ll need to navigate higher education. “I met new people and got comfortable with them,” said Dobler-Chale. “When school started it was like I already knew everyone.”

Dobler-Chale did just about everything in her four years at UW Tacoma. She served in student government, was active with the Latino Student Union and the Asian-Pacific Islander Student Union, and worked for the campus events office, just to name a few. After college Dobler-Chale plans to get her real-estate license. Her long-term goal is to help students chart their own futures. “I want to help them with their path,” said Dobler-Chale. “I needed so much help with that and why wouldn’t I want to give back?”

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Eric Wilson-Edge / June 3, 2016
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