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Recent publications by UW Tacoma faculty and staff cover topics ranging from Korean franchisees to smokers with HIV to global biodiversity.

Among the many ways UW Tacoma faculty and staff make their mark in the world, publication in peer-reviewed journals is an important accomplishment. Within the last month, faculty and staff published articles on a wide variety of topics. Below is a quick round-up of recent work:

Name Position, Unit Publication
John "Buck" Banks Professor, School of Interdisicplinary Arts & Sciences; Director, International Programs

"The PREDICTS database: A global database of how local terrestrial biodiversity responds to human impacts," Ecology and Evolution, Dec. 2014

In this article, more than 150 co-authors announce the creation of a new database (1.6 million samples, 78 countries, 28,000 species) to track human impacts on biodiversity.

Rich Furman Professor, Social Work

"Extreme data reduction: the case for the research Tanka," Journal of Poetry Therapy, Jan. 2015

Examines how a form of poetry can be used to convey qualitative research findings that don't lend themselves to traditional data reduction methods.

Rupinder Jindal Assistant Professor, Marketing, Milgard School of Business

"Opportunism in buyer-seller relationships: Some unexplored antecedents," Journal of Business Research, March 2015

Explores opportunism, it's influence on the relationship between buyers and sellers, and what causes it.

Ed Kolodziej Associate Professor, Environmental Engineering, School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

"Sorption and mineral-promoted transformation of synthetic hormone growth promoters in soil systems," Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Dec. 2014

From the abstract: "This work examines the fate of synthetic growth promoters in sterilized soil systems, focusing on their sorption to organic matter and propensity for minteral-promoted reactions."

Hyoung S. Lee Assistant Professor, Psychology, School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

"The Relationship Between ART Adherence and Smoking Status Among HIV+ Individuals," AIDS and Behavior, Jan. 2015

Investigates the impact of smoking on the likelihood that HIV-postiive individuals will continue their antiretroviral medication treatments.

Stephen Norman & Douglas Wills Norman: Associate Professor, Finance, Milgard School of Business
WIlls: Associate Professor, Finance, Milgard School of Business

"Nonlinear integration of London and Amsterdam stock markets in the 1700s," Applied Economics, Feb. 2015

The authors look at prices of commonly traded assets in two early stock markets to examine the impact of transportation costs on market integration.

Cyndy Snyder Associate Director, Student Planning & Assessment

"A woman's place: Women of colour navigating doctoral education in South Africa," International Journal of Multicultural Education, v16, n2, 2014

An investigation of experiences of women of color in  South African doctoral education programs.

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