Six UW Tacoma Students in Husky 100

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Six UW Tacoma students are making the most of their UW experience, and are recognized with the 2021 Husky 100 honor.

This year’s Husky 100 cohort includes six UW Tacoma students. The annual recognition honors those who have made the most of their UW experience. Students are nominated to be part of the Husky 100. As part of the application process, nominees are asked to talk about their time on campus including connecting “what happens inside and outside of the classroom," and applying "what they learn to make a difference on campus, in their communities and for the future.”

A total of 44 UW Tacoma students have been named to the Husky 100 since 2016. You can read profiles of both this year’s and previous honorees by visiting the Husky 100 page.

This year's cohort includes:


B.A.: Ethnic, Gender, and Labor Studies; Business Management
Year awarded: 2021

I come from resiliency where people where I come from don’t end up with opportunities like this. I’m just one that took advantage and honored the work laid before me by my ancestors and their sacrifice. Throughout my journey, I’ve juggled multiple responsibilities that leave people questioning the possibility of it being accomplished but my whole life I’ve been battling the odds and I hope my story speaks to those to pursue their intellectual journey that’ll align with their vision for themselves.


B.S.: Biomedical Sciences; B.A.: Psychology
Year awarded: 2021

I have spent the past five years at the University of Washington Tacoma improving the community atmosphere and ensuring the safety for all students. I have served on the Student Activities Board, Associated Students of UWT Executive Board and several RSOs with the continued goal of connecting students and fostering spaces of inclusiveness. I am excited to take all that I have learned and skills I have developed into my next role as a Staff Researcher at the UCSF.


B.A.: Psychology; Gender & Sexuality Studies
Year awarded 2021

UWT’s supportive professors and robust opportunities transformed my life. An opportunity of conducting research with a professor converged into an article in an academic journal, and an oral history archival project showcasing domestic violence advocacy over the years in Tacoma. Through community partnerships and UWT’s supportive learning environment, my passions have turned into future goals: earning a Ph.D. as trauma-focused clinical psychologist with a special focus in social advocacy.


Master of Social Work, MSW
Year awarded 2021

As formerly-incarcerated students, we seek not only to break barriers in pursuit of our own education and career goals, but to also do the structural work to create doorways where the barriers existed, so that future generations of students can enter freely to continue the work in new and more integrated efforts. If you are a formerly incarcerated student who is seeking community, please consider reaching out to the Formerly Incarcerated Student Association at


B.S: Biomedical Sciences; Global Engagement
Year awarded 2021

I was introduced to cancer at a very early age from watching my mother in her battle. My curiosity for the disease and the pain it caused my family catalyzed my passion for biomedical science. At the University of Washington Tacoma, I have been able to make connections with other passionate students and work towards a healthy and equitable future for all. Through my various roles on campus, my energy goes to uplifting and engaging students with all the opportunities the community has to offer.


B.A.: Writing Studies (Creative Writing); B.A.: Arts, Media and Culture; Minors: Teaching, Learning and Justice; Dance
Year awarded 2021

Throughout my time at UW Tacoma, I have learned how to use my strengths in writing and the arts to support student success. I am very thankful for everyone that guided me and helped me thrive through my Husky experience. Navigating higher education as a student has many challenges, so I enjoy creating opportunities and leading events outside the classroom that help students feel engaged and find a sense of community.

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Eric Wilson-Edge / May 27, 2021
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