Student Film: 'The Cup'

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"The Cup" Video by Justin Juntara ’10 and Ben Toombs '10

The Cup was for Dr. David Coon's class, "TV Criticism" and was the final for that class. The assignment was to do pretty much anything we wanted.

Since the assignments throughout the quarter had a specific objective, this final assignment allowed us to be more creative. It took us a while to come up with the idea. Ben and I were brainstorming and thought it would be fun to do something different and have the story revolve around an inanimate object.

We ran into trouble shooting this film due to technical difficulties involving the camera setup. We ended up losing all of the original footage, so everything in the film was re-shot within two days. This helped us in a way, since we knew exactly how we wanted each shot and we discovered new angles and ideas towards improving the story.

— Justin Juntara

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Beth Luce / August 18, 2010
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