Touring the Renovated Tacoma Paper & Stationery Building

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Built as a candy factory, then housing a wholesale paper distributor, and finally serving as the location of the beloved Old Spaghetti Factory, the Tacoma Paper & Stationery Building is now a place of learning.

A central staircase near the Commerce Street entrance allows for quick access to the Prairie Line Trail and the rest of campus.

Much of the wood furniture in TPS is made from beams reclaimed from the original structure.

Rail maps on the second and third floors detail Tacoma's history as the terminus of the Northern Pacific Railway.

In the "makerspace" on the ground floor, faculty and students will build and explore using materials and equipment that catalyze creativity and imagination.

TPS is home to two biomedical labs and two electrical engineering labs. The building also houses studio space to support the new degree in urban design.

There are four small student breakout rooms in TPS. This one is cleverly hidden underneath the central staircase.

Supergraphics in the staircase trace the history of TPS.

Two of the large bay doors can be opened out onto the Prairie Line Trail. Great when hosting events or studying on a warm spring day,.

The donor wall is made from reclaimed wood beams from inside TPS. The wall honors those who helped make UW Tacoma possible with their generous financial support.


Written by: 
Eric Wilson-Edge / September 26, 2017
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