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Science on the Screen: Watch Dune and a Presentation on the Elwha Dam Restoration by Erica Cline Wednesday, 9/30/15

September 18, 2015

The removal of the Elwha dams left behind sandy expanses of sediment reminiscent of the desert planet, Dune. Just as the Fremen people of Dune dreamed of restoring their stark and lifeless planet to a verdant paradise, Olympic National Park has launched an ambitious plan to accelerate succession by planting hundreds of thousands of seedlings in the sediment plateau

Detail of reprint of poster advertising 1927 silent film Eyes of the Totem

Minds of UW Tacoma on Eyes of the Totem

September 11, 2015

UW Tacoma faculty, staff and alumni are involved in an amazing film restoration project that is bringing the 1927 silent film Eyes of the Totem back from obscurity.