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An Equal Opportunity Virus in a Nation of Inequity

Nursing & Healthcare Leadership Associate Professor Robin Evans-Agnew and co-authors argue that the crisis in U.S. public health long pre-dates COVID-19, and that our already-marginalized communities will bear the brunt of the pandemic.

Morning Consult
April 9, 2020

Are Muslims to Blame for Islamophobia?

Professor Turan Kayaoglu calls for a more-nuanced understanding of the sources of anti-Muslim hate, and proposes that the solution is "not Muslims getting better at liberal Islam, but at liberal democracy."

Siyasa: A Forum on Islamic and Middle Eastern Politics
April 6, 2020

Coronavirus, Labor, and an Aging World

Dr. Ali Modarres of the School of Urban Studies notes with irony that just when we need more global labor migration to ensure an adequate work-force in our aging post-industrial nations, the global pandemic is showing us how unprepared is our social and healthcare infrastructure.

New Geography
April 2, 2020

Northwest Now: Tacoma Growth

KCTS Northwest Now host Tom Layson interviews School of Urban Studies Dean Ali Modarres on the challenges of Tacoma growth in general and in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

KCTS 9 Northwest Now
March 23, 2020