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New road at Mount St. Helens? Scientists see another disaster

Enviironmental Science Associate Professor Jim Gawel has been doing research at Mount St. Helens' Spirit Lake since 2005. He is quoted in an article describing the U.S. Forest Service's plans to build a road across the Pumice Plain, an environmentally-sensitive region at the base of the volcano.

Columbia Insight
June 18, 2020

Opinion: Health care nonprofits have vital role to play

Nursing & Healthcare Leadership Associate Professor Robin Evans-Agnew is co-author, with Jay Clay, American Lung Association volunteer, of an op-ed calling on government to recognize the role science-based advocacy organizations play in public health.

The [Spokane] Spokesman-Review
June 14, 2020

Rats Have Not Changed. We Have.

Assistant Professor and urban ecologist Christopher Schell is quoted on his research into behavior of coyotes in urban areas and how it may be affected by human responses to COVID-19.

The Atlantic
June 8, 2020

For gay hockey player, locker room felt like a prison

UW Tacoma freshman Benjamin Fredell provides a frank auto-biographical glimpse into his life playing in an elite youth hockey league. His experiences of self-hatred and homophobia in the sport led him to quit to find happiness.

May 19, 2020