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American Nostalgia on a Bun

Writer Suzy Swartz quotes UW Tacoma Professor Kima Cargill on the psychology of eating: "[The post-war rise of fast-food franchises signaled] a real sense of triumph about the American project, and food was a big part of that."

The Atlantic
April 24, 2018

Affordable housing near Tacoma Mall needs wise city action Subscription

In an op-ed, Erik Bjornson and Joshua Jorgensen call on the Tacoma City Council to "remove outdated barriers" to allow more affordable housing to be built in areas such as around the Tacoma Mall. Jorgensen is a 2013 graduate of UW Tacoma's Urban Studies Program.

The News Tribune
April 21, 2018

Safe sites for drug use should be reconsidered Subscription

Op-ed co-authors Erick Seelbach, from the Pierce County AIDS Foundation, and Ingrid Walker, associate professor of American Studies, call on Pierce County to make public health decisions "based on research and evidence not fear and stigma."

The News Tribune
April 15, 2018