Types of Aid

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The University of Washington Tacoma helps make your university education addordable by providing financial assistance in a number of areas - from grants and loans to scholarships and work study opportunities.  Whatever level of aid you require, you're sure to find it here.  Approximately 70 percent of students attending the UW Tacoma receive federal, state or institutional financial aid to help them pay for their education. 

There are four basic types of aid:

Awards are based on financial need, academic achievement and, in some cases, the quality of the personal essay that is submitted as part of the scholarship application process.

Federal, state and institutional grants do not require repayment.

Work Study 
Students can be employed either on or off campus, with the primary focus being that students enhance their field of study by working part-time in a career-related position.

Must be repaid, generally beginning six to nine months after a student graduates or leaves school. Loans require repayment with interest (interest rate and when interest accrual begins varies depending on the type of loan).

Other types of financial assistance for students includes childcare assistance, veterans benefits and many others.

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