Phase 2A

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A wide range of classroom, lab and office space was provided with four projects, including two new-construction buildings designed to complement campus historic buildings. With completion of Phase 2A, the campus filled a city block and included a landscaped stairway connecting Pacific and Jefferson avenues.

Architects: LMN Architects, Seattle, in association with Moore Ruble Yudell, Santa Monica, Calif.

Construction cost: $15.6 million

Science Building, Opened January 2002

The Science Building includes a general computing lab; advanced computing lab for Institute of Technology students; geographic information systems lab; two biology labs; saltwater aquariums; chemistry lab; geology lab; rooftop greenhouse; five computer classrooms and two multipurpose classrooms; faculty offices. 48,000 sq. feet.

Keystone Building, Opened February 2002

A triangular-shaped two-story building, the Keystone Building houses the Teaching and Learning Center; the 162-seat Carwein Auditorium; and a sky bridge to provide disabled access up a steep grade. 13,500 sq. feet.

Dougan Building Renovations, Opened September 2000

An historic warehouse built in 1891, the Dougan Building was refurbished into classrooms and offices. Houses the Milgard School of Business. Adjacent to The Old Spaghetti Factory restaurant. 25,000 gross square feet.

Fourth Floor West Coast Grocery, Opened May 2000

Renovated fourth floor of the historic West Coast Grocery warehouse into offices and meeting rooms.

Pinkerton Building, Opened January 2003

This historic hotel and warehouse, built in 1889, was renovated into the home of UW Tacoma’s Institute of Technology. It is the oldest building on any UW campus. The Pinkerton Building houses faculty and staff offices, a classroom and two state-of-the-art computer labs. The renovation was funded by private donations and contributions from non-state agencies.

Architect: Jim Merritt, Merritt Arch., Tacoma

General contractor: BN Builders, Seattle Construction cost: $4.5 million