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Independent Study is one of the smartest things you can do while a student at UW Tacoma. Employers and graduate schools like to see this experience in your college education because it prepares you for the world in ways that the classroom experience does not. Independent work develops your initiative, responsibility, and creativity. It shows you have the qualities to work on projects, unmonitored, and that you take pride in your work.

Independent study offers students the opportunity to work one-to-one with faculty in an area of shared scholarship. It is your responsibility to approach the faculty with an idea for independent study. Independent study experiences are not designed to simply "provide extra credit." Business students may earn a maximum of 15 independent study credits at UW Tacoma.

Internships may account for 10 of the independent study credits. The Career Center personnel, the internship faculty leader, and a Business School academic advisor can all offer advice on finding internships and other independent study opportunities. Consider it to be the first leg of your learning experience -- tracking down and landing an internship!

Types of Independent Study


Internships provide students opportunities to participate in on-the-job educational experiences in a work environment. In an internship, a site supervisor offers additional mentoring.

For additional information on internships, please visit our internship page.

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research experiences offer the opportunity for in-depth research. Students will work on their own research topics or help faculty with on-going projects.

Students must coordinate with a faculty member to fill out the required paperwork.

The completed forms must be submitted to the BABA Advisor office in Dougan 204 no later than the first day of the quarter. Paperwork submitted after the first day will not be accepted.

Once the paperwork is reviewed, an advisor will e-mail an add code.

TBUS 469 Undergraduate Research Application Form