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Ed.D. faculty represent a wide range of scholars, practitioners, and educational leaders within their respective fields. In addition to providing hands-on, student-centered instruction, Ed.D. faculty model interdisciplinary collaboration to address pressing social issues and barriers within their field. Faculty include UW Tacoma professors, regional leaders in health care, higher education, and K-12 education, as well as national experts in related fields.

Ed.D. Faculty Council

The Ed.D. Program’s academic and curricular framing is coordinated and approved by a faculty council. This council represents UWT’s Education and Nursing Programs, and representatives include:

  • Dr. Ginger MacDonald, Ph.D., Chair
  • Dr. Laura Feuerborn, Ph.D., Representative, Education
  • Dr. Chris Knaus, Ph.D., Representative, Education
  • Dr. Patsy Maloney, Ed.D., Representative, Nursing
  • Dr. David Reyes, DNP, Representative, Nursing

Director and Professor, Dr. Ginger MacDonald, Ph.D.

Dr. Ginger MacDonald is the Director of the Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership Program at the University of Washington Tacoma. Her Ph.D. is in Educational Psychology/Counseling from the University of Washington. Her teaching, writing, and research are centered upon lifespan developmental issues in psychology, education, and psychotherapy.

Dr. MacDonald's co-authored book (with Dr. Lawrence Brammer), The Helping Relationship: Process and Skills, is in the eighth edition. She has published a wide range of articles from a national study of school counseling models using a developmental perspective, to how first generation college students' perceptions of college readiness. Her current line of scholarly inquiry includes the process of identity formation for institutions of higher education, particularly branch campuses.

Professor, Dr. Christopher B. Knaus, Ph.D.

Dr. Christopher B. Knaus, the founding director of the Doctorate (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership Program, currently serves as Professor of Education at the University of Washington Tacoma. As a race scholar, critical race theory practitioner, educator, and community advocate, Dr. Knaus conducts research and hands-on projects that examine the local and global impact of school systems and related policies on communities of color.

Dr. Knaus additionally works to foster urban educational leadership pathways, including developing teacher of color preparation and support programs in partnership with community-based organizations. At the core of community and systems transformation, Dr. Knaus centers critically conscious urban youth voice as a way to help educators create inclusive, challenging classrooms and schools that arm children to transform the immediate world they live into a world where addressing social inequalities becomes the purpose of education. Dr. Knaus served as a Fulbright Scholar to South Africa, where he maintains active research studies examining post-apartheid educational policy and practice. In addition to numerous articles and books about racism in education, Dr. Knaus has taught classes in high schools in Seattle, Oakland and Berkeley, CA..

Ed.D. Advisor, Ashley Walker, M.Ed.

Ashley accepted an opportunity to Advise Doctoral students interested in Educational Leadership, housed within the School of Education. Her main responsibilities include the recruitment of experienced educators ready to engage in multidisciplinary learning; advising current and prospective students in P-12 education, higher education, health, and other related fields; and the admission of students who wish to focus on systemic change, social justice & inclusive leadership, and instructional transformation to address pressing issues facing our institutions and communities. As the only staff member hired under the EdD Program, she also works to maintain and, at times, develop administrative responsibilities that will add to the positive progression of the EdD program. Prior to working in the School of Education, Ashley held the Administrative Coordinator position for the Office of Advancement for 4 years. Ashley also earned both her Bachelor and Master degrees from the UW Tacoma.

For General Ed.D. Advising, Please Email: uwtdoc@uw.edu