Post-baccalaureate admission

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Post-baccalaureate (sometimes called "fifth-year") is a matriculated status (degree-seeking), reserved for students who are working toward a second bachelor’s degree. Only a small number of applicants are admitted each year as post-baccalaureates because the university’s primary commitment is to undergraduates who are completing their first degree. If you have completed or will complete an equivalent four-year bachelor’s degree before enrolling, you must apply as a post-baccalaureate student.

You are strongly urged to contact the academic program you are interested in before applying. Each major has its own requirements and prerequisites, so it is very important that you discuss your qualifications and academic goals with an academic advisor from the appropriate academic program. Whether or not previous coursework can apply toward graduation requirements is determined by program faculty and advisors.

How to apply

Post-baccalaureate students apply using the Transfer Student Application. Select a program (or "undeclared") and check "post-baccalaureate" under Application Type.

Admission is competitive and is based on the overall academic record from the first bachelor’s degree and the personal statement.


Financial aid

Financial aid for post-baccalaureate study is limited and typically in the form of student loans. Get more information on financial aid.