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Also see Paying or Appealing a UW Tacoma Parking Ticket - FAQs


Off-Street Parking Options

What parking lots can I use?

University of Washington Tacoma students, faculty, staff, and visitors have access to several university-owned and community partner parking lots.  Most of these lots are on or very close to campus.  A few are more distant, but located close to the Tacoma LINK. View a map of UW Tacoma parking lots and a list of rates.

Which parking lots offer hourly parking?

The Cragle, WT31, Pinkerton and Court 17 garage offer hourly parking all day.  WT44 offers hourly parking after 4:00 PM Monday through Thursday and all day Friday to Sunday. View a map of UW Tacoma parking lots and a list of rates.

Is there any free parking on Campus?

The Cragle and Pinkerton lots are free on Sundays and Holidays.

I just bought a quarterly parking permit, but the quarter has already started.  Is there somewhere I can pick up my permit?

Parking passes purchased via the online purchasing tool will be mailed to the shipping address provided within 5 business days.  We are unable to offer a pick-up option at this time.

I have a permit for a UW Tacoma Lot.  What times of day can I use it?

Daily passes are valid from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM.  Evening passes are valid from 4:00 PM to 11:00 PM.  UW Tacoma parking passes may not be used to park overnight.

Are the on-campus parking lots free in the evening?

No. Users must either display a valid parking permit or pay the posted rate.

I bought a parking permit, but today the lot was full.  What do I do?

That happens occasionally during periods of peak demand (such as the beginning of the academic quarter), when there are temporary increases in the numbers of hourly/daily parkers. If you hold a pass for a UW Tacoma Lot Court 17 and the garage is full, you may park in WT32 (Located on the corner of 19th and Fawcett). 

Are there other lots I can use?



City of Tacoma On-Street Parking

Can I park on the street?

Yes.  The City of Tacoma Parking Program manages and enforces on-street parking around the UW Tacoma campus.  To learn more, visit the Tacoma parking FAQ page

How much does metered on-street parking cost?

Metered on-street parking around campus costs $1.00 per hour. The minimum purchase is 25¢.

How do I pay for metered on-street parking?

Fees are taken at electronic pay stations. These stations take only coins, debit or credit cards — no bills. Once you deposit your fee and indicate your requested time, you will receive a parking receipt to stick on your window that shows how long you can park. Watch a video demonstrating how to use the pay stations.

For how long can I park on the street?

Time limits for on-street parking around campus range from 90 minutes to 2 hours.

Can I just park my car and then “feed the meter” every two hours?

No. The two-hour time limit is strictly enforced by the city of Tacoma. Vehicles parked for more than two hours in the same space are subject to ticketing.

Can I just move my car every two hours?

That depends. Moving your vehicle between different spots on the same block to avoid time restrictions may be considered “chain parking” (see below) and is subject to a $50 fine under City of Tacoma municipal code.

What is chain parking?

Chain parking is illegal and carries a $50 fine (see Tacoma Municipal Code 11.05.190).  Chain parking is defined as moving a car from a metered and/or time-limited parking spot to another spot on the same block face to avoid getting a ticket.

How can I appeal a ticket, send comments, or make a complaint about the metered parking program?

Please contact the City of Tacoma to comment on the parking program.


Additional Information

How can I learn more about UW Tacoma Transportation Services resources, rules and enforcement?
If you have specific questions about parking on or around the UW Tacoma campus, please contact Transportation Services at or at 253-692-5661.