Business Student Organizations

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The profiles below are for business-related student organizations. For a complete list of student organizations on the UW Tacoma campus, visit the Office of Student Engagement.

Accounting Student Association

Working with students, alumni, faculty, staff, and the community, ASA's mission is to aid students in the completion of a successful degree and career in accounting. ASA is committed to excellence, integrity, diversity and collaboration in order to create an environment that enhances the educational development of its members. ASA embraces its role to promote the development of responsible and ethical accountants and citizens. ASA represents more than 175 students at the University of Washington Tacoma.

Faculty Advisor: Daniel Bryan

Finance Society

The purpose of our organization is to help educate students in the field of finance by networking with representatives of companies in related fields and demonstrating the importance of financial planning for the future. This will be accomplished by bringing in guest speakers to discuss the opportunities available in the financial industry.


Global Business Society

Our mission is to enhance the UW Tacoma community's cross-cultural awareness and knowledge of international business and global relations. We will accomplish this by promoting professional, educational, cultural and community service activities. The knowledge gained through these valuable experiences will give us the tools needed to become productive professionals who help foster growth in our community.

Faculty Advisor: Marion Eberly

Human Resources Society

As the newest addition to business school-related student organizations, the Human Resources Society's mission is to foster new relationships and experiences in Human Resources (HR) management and learn about HR concerns and issues while building relationships with the local community. We will accomplish this by connecting students and alumni to regional businesses and community events. Through these connections, the Human Resources Society encourages positive bonds between students and community.

Advisors: Marion Eberly and Richard Wilkinson

Marketing Society

The mission of the UW Tacoma Marketing Society is to further student's practical knowledge of both Marketing and Business. The organization is open to all UW Tacoma students. the Marketing Society focuses on developing working, educational relationships with local marketing firms as well as other businesses. Meetings are conducted on a regular basis to allow students to examine marketing issues and gain greater knowledge of potential career paths in the marketing arena.

Faculty Advisor: Rupinder Jindal