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Since 2008, the Center has awarded over $58,000 to UW Tacoma faculty, supporting curriculum development for 52 different courses from each of UW Tacoma's academic programs.

The Center for Leadership and Social Responsibility offers supplemental funding to support innovation in academic courses that help develop socially responsible leaders who build sustainable organizations and communities. The funds are intended to encourage the faculty effort needed to engage UWT students with the community in ways that benefit both.  Awards are given in late summer for courses that will be taught or projects implemented during the following academic year.

Proposals that foster interdisciplinary collaboration across courses are encouraged.

Funds can be used to support faculty planning time for course activities such as tours, service learning activities, guest lectures, and field trips, or to purchase course resources such as videos, lab materials, simulations, exercises, software, cases, etc.

Applicants may request amounts up to $2000. Awards will be disbursed in the form of a faculty stipend or to purchase course materials. Faculty may make one request per annual cycle.


2018-19 Faculty Awards for Curriculum Enhancement & Community Engagement Announcement

2018-19 Funding Application

2017-2018 Award Recipients

  • Evelyn Shankus, TBUS 490: From Sea to Shining Sea: An Exploration of Social Responsibility Initiatives at the Ports of Tacoma, WA; and the Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Dr. Ellen Bayer, TLIT 237: Introduction to Literature and Environment

2016-2017 Award Recipients

  • Ruth Bernstein, TNPRFT 451, Essentials of Grant Writing
  • Jeff Cohen, TCRIM 272: Restorative Justice
  • Vanessa de Veritch Woodside, TSPAN 345, Spanish for Community Engagement
  • Haluk Demirkan, TMGMT 490, Strategic Business Analytics
  • Alexandra Nutter Smith, TCOM258, Children & Media
  • Anaid Yerena, TCMP 582, Movements and Organizing


2015-2016 Award Recipients

Four funding recipients shared two awards.

  • Robin Evans-Agnew, TNURS 402, Family & Chronic Conditions across the Lifespan and Ariana Ochoa Camancho, TSOC 439, Field Work and Interviewing in Communities, Community Engagement
  • Paul Carrington and Divya McMillin, TGH 320 Themes in Global Honors, Curriculum Enhancement


2014-2015 Award Recipients

The seven 2014-2015 funding recipients come from Education, Interdisciplinary Arts & Science, the Institute of Technology, the Milgard School of Business, and Nursing.

  • Jim Gawel, TESC 303, Sustainable Development in Africa, Curriculum Enhancement
  • Marc Dupuis, TINFO 230, Web Design & Programming,Community Engagement
  • Shalini Jain, TMGMT 512 Business Ethics & Social Responsibility, Curriculum Enhancement
  • Katie Haerling, TNURS/THLEAD 410, Ethical Issues in Clinical Practice, Curriculum Enhancement
  • Evy Shankus, TBUS 310, Effective Managerial Communication, Curriculum Enhancement
  • Diane Kinder and Kathleen Beaudoin, TEDUC 490 Service Learning Practicum in Education, Community Engagement


2013-2014 Award Recipients

The eight 2013-2014 funding recipients teach in Interdisciplinary Arts & Science, the Milgard School of Business, and Nursing.

  • Jane Compson, TPHIL 456 Environmental Ethics, Curriculum Enhancement
  • Sergio Davalos, TBUS 530 Operations and Project Management, Community Engagement
  • Joyce Dinglasan-Panlilio, TESC 262 Organic Chemistry II, TESC 271 Organic Chemistry III, Curriculum Enhancement
  • Robin Evans-Agnew, TPHIL 456 Environmental Ethics, Curriculum Enhancement
  • Natalie Jolly, TWOMN 250 Seminar in Service Learning: a Feminist Approach, Community Engagement
  • Janie Miller, TWRT 112 Intro to Writing, Curriculum Enhancement
  • Jill Purdy, TBUS 300 Managing Operations, Curriculum Enhancement
  • Alexis Wilson, THLEAD Special Topics, Curriculum Enhancement


2012-2013 Award Recipients

  • Linda Ishem, TURB 312: Race and Poverty in Urban America, Community Engagement
  • George Mobus, TINST 412: Technology in the Service of Society, Curriculum Enhancement
  • Huatong (Hannah) Sun, TCOM 420: Advanced Web Design, Community Engagement
  • Arindam Tripathy, TACCT 513: Managerial Accounting for Decision Making and Control, Curriculum Enhancement
  • Anne Wessells, TURB 333: Assessment and Evaluation of Urban Sustainability, Community Engagement