Board Governance Students

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Winter Quarter - 2020
Course Title: Board Governance I - TMGMT 465 - 2 Credits **
Meets weekly on Wednesdays during the lunch hour (12:30 - 1:25)
You MUST take TMGMT 466 in Spring quarter to take this course

Spring Quarter - 2020
Course Title: Board Governance II - TMGMT 466 - 5 Credits
Course meeting day/time: Mon/Wed (1:30 - 3:30)
Prerequisite: TMGMT 465

** You will need an add code to register for TMGMT 465. You can get the code by scheduling a short meeting with Ruth Bernstein where we will determine the best agency fit for you. Please review the list of agencies prior to that meeting. To schedule a time to meet, email

What's in it for you (the student)?

  • Practice skills that are vital to your future success
  • Build your personal network of contacts
  • Learn from working with a board mentor
  • Add experience to your resume
  • Learn how different organizations are governed in the real world
  • Make a difference and contribute to our community