Internal Case Competition Rules

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  • Teams will be judged on their quantitative, qualitative, analytical, organizational and presentation skills.
  • Due to COVID-19 2021 Milgard Case Competitions (Internal and Invitation) will be held virtually. For the Milgard Internal Case Competition, preliminary rounds will be asynchronous, with teams submitting a PPT slide deck and video presentation for judges review and scoring. The Final Round will be held synchronously and virtually on Friday, January 29, 2021 
  • Cases will be delivered to teams electronically to according to the competition schedule.
    During the preliminary round, each team will submit a 10-minute video presentation of their case analysis and recommendations, along with a PPT slide deck. 
    Judges will review the video presentations and PPT slide decks and score the preliminary presentations in their group. Scores will not be shared with teams. 
    Judges will submit questions and feedback on a separate form, to be shared with teams prior to the final competition round. 
    During the Final Round Teams will present synchronously and virtually
    Teams will have 10 minutes to present their cases. 
    Judges will have 10 minutes for Q&A
    Judges will have 5 minutes to provide feedback to finalist teams
    There will be 5 minutes between each presentation
    There will be a timekeeper for the presentations. The chat room function will be used to alert the teams when there are 5 minutes, 2 minutes and 1-minute remaining for the presentation, Q&A, and feedback and will notify the team and judges when time has expired.  Timekeepers also ensure that rules are followed by team members and judges.
  • There will be a timekeeper in the presentation room. The timekeeper will alert the teams when there are 5 minutes, 2 minutes and 1 minute remaining for the presentation, and will notify the team and judges when time has expired.  Timekeepers also ensure that rules are followed by team members and judges in preliminary round rooms.
  • Teams may use textbooks, notes, etc., but may not discuss the case with outside sources.  Use of the internet to download and research information is permitted.
  • Each team member must actively participate in the team's presentation.
  • Teams can and should practice their presentations up until the presentation time. Teams may get feedback on the delivery of their recommendations, but not on the content itself.
  • Competitors must be currently enrolled undergraduate students at the UW Tacoma campus.

Presentation Guidelines

  1. In the Preliminary Round, please submit a video file of your team’s presentation as well as your PPT Slide Deck. Please ensure your video presentation is no longer than 10 minutes, judges will be instructed not to watch presentations beyond the 10-minute point! 
  2. In the Final Round Teams will present virtually and synchronously. 

Judging Criteria

Presentations are judged according to the following criteria:

  • 40 - Quality of Analysis
  • 30 - Quality of Recommendations
  • 15 - Quality of Presentation
  • 10 - Quality of Q&A
  • 5 - Overall Performance

Winning Teams

The winning team from the Milgard Internal Case Competition will represent the Milgard School of Business in the Milgard Invitational Case Competition on Social Responsibility (MICCSR) on February 26, 2021.