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Students walking at the 2020 Milgard CLSR Competition

We ask the organizations participating in this program to:

  • Be enthusiastic about the decision to participate and provide enough structure to ensure success for your organization and the student
  • Identify and support a board member to fill the role of liaison
  • Be willing to involve the student fully in board activities and discussions
  • Be open and transparent about the organization and the board
  • Be committed to ongoing involvement of young people as board members
  • Complete an evaluation of the engagement and the student project

We ask students participating in this class to:

  • Attend board meetings regularly and communicate with the board liaison 
  • Develop and complete a project in-line with the needs of the non-profit organization
  • Participate in additional opportunities, including volunteer and fundraising events 
  • Be open and willing to learn about board operations 
  • Adhere to the same expectations of other board members