Board Governance Agencies

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Agency Application Form to participate as a apprenticeship site for a student in this course.

We ask the agencies participating in this program to:

  • Be enthusiastic about the decision to participate
  • Be committed to ongoing involvment of young people as board members
  • Be willing to involve the Intern fully in board activities and discussions
  • Be open and transparent about the organization and the board
  • Identify and support a board member to fill the role of mentor
  • Participate in one or two project meetings
  • Complete an evaluation of the student and the project

 We ask the mentors assigned to our students to:

  • Have served on the board for at least one year
  • Attend the mentor/intern luncheon at the beginning of the project
  • Meet with the intern at least four times
    - in person before the first board meeting
    - twice after board meetings (by phone or in person)
    - in person at the end of the project
  • Be open to and encourage questions
  • Complete an evaluation of the student and the project

Deadlines and timelines:

Agency application deadline: November 1, 2019
Notification of application status: December 2, 2019
Notification of student match: January 8, 2020
Mentor lunch with students: January 15, 2020
Executive Director and Board Chair interviews: by February 12, 2020
Winter Quarter student evaluation due: March 11, 2020
Spring Quarter and overall evaluation due: June 3, 2020



  • How do you make agency assignments?
    We work carefully to match student interest with agency mission, but oftentimes it comes down to the student's school or work schedule and how that aligns with your board meetings.
  • Will the student be available to do other volunteer work for our agency?
    While we encourage students to get engaged with the agency they are assigned to, most of our students work full-time jobs in addition to their schoolwork and family obligations.  Their main assignment is to attend board and/or committee meetings and observe how the governance of your organization works. 
  • Can the student join our board as a regular board member?
    During their coursework, students are not allowed to join the board of the organization they are assigned to.  We have, however, had a few students who were invited to join the boards of the organizations to which they were assigned, and some who are still serving in that capacity.
  • What can we expect as an outcome?
    The beauty of this course is that we have students assigned to a very diverse group of agencies and they bring those experiences back to the classroom as contributors to a rich discussion about the concepts of good governance.  Your student will be analyzing your organization to determine what they think is your most significant governance issue or area for improvement.  They will then research "best practice" and provide a report and resources to help you improve in that area.
  • Is this going to take a lot of time?
    It will require the investment of some time in helping the student to locate information about your agency and the board, as well as interview time withe the Executive Director (1 hour) and the Board Chair (1 hour). Beyond that, we ask students to blend in with the board.  If you communicate with them as you do your board, they will get a good chance to observe, and it won't be additional work for you.