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  • How do you make organization assignments?
    We work carefully to match student interest with the organization’s mission, but also prioritize how the students’ schedules will match with the board meetings.

  • Will the students be available to do other volunteer work for our organization?
    While the main assignment of this course is to attend board and/or committee meetings and observe how the governance of your organization works, it is also an expectation that the students will get involved in other ways if their schedule allows.  The student will complete a project inline with the organizational and/or board needs.

  • Can the students join our board as regular board members?
    During their coursework, students are not allowed to join the board of the organization they are assigned to. We have, however, had a few students who were invited to join the board after the class ended to serve as a permanent board member. 

  • How much time will this take for the organization?
    It will require the investment of some time to ensure the students have a positive learning experience and that your organization benefits from their work, as well as interview time with the Executive Director (1 hour) and the Board Chair (1 hour). Beyond that, we ask students to be respectful of your time. If you communicate with them as you do your board, they will get a good chance to observe, and it won't be much additional work for you.

  • I’m a student. How do I register for this course?

Registration for TMGMT 465 (Winter) will open during Fall quarter, and requires an add code to register. Contact the Center for Leadership and Social Responsibility at clsr@uw.edu to receive the code.

Winter Quarter - 2021

Course Title: Board Governance I - TMGMT 465 - 2 Credits **

Meets weekly on Wednesdays during the lunch hour (12:30 - 1:25)

You MUST take TMGMT 466 in Spring quarter to take this course

Spring Quarter - 2021

Course Title: Board Governance II - TMGMT 466 - 5 Credits

Prerequisite: TMGMT 465

If you have questions about this course and want to discuss it, please contact the course instructor.