Applying for Residency

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To apply for a change in residence classification:

  1. Complete and sign the Residence Questionnaire
  2. Upload materials to support :
    1. The bona fide domicile (permanent residence)
    2. Financial information to support dependence/independence
    3. If applicable, necessary Employee Authorization Document, immigration or citizenship material.
  3. Submit the completed original Residence Questionnaire along with supporting documentation to the Office of the Registrar Secure Document Upload Portal.

Please note: Once the application and its contents have been submitted, it becomes the property of the University of Washington and will not be returned to students. The University keeps the documentation in a high security vault for 7 years (for records and auditing purposes) and destroys the files after that time period. It is suggested students make copies for themselves in case they need it for future references.


Contact the Office of the Registrar at