Welcome New Huskies to UW Tacoma!

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Your offer of admission is only valid for a quarter for which you have been offered admission and will not apply for any future quarter without contacting the admissions office about your options.

To secure your spot as a New UW Tacoma Husky, please submit your non-refundable New Student Enrollment and Confirmation fee (NSEOF) to us.

Here's how:


TO ACCEPT your offer of admission to the University of Washington Tacoma for the quarter for which you have been admitted, a non-refundable New Student Enrollment and Orientation Fee (NSEOF) is required. This fee will be used to confirm your intention to enroll at UW Tacoma and for programs benefiting a successful transition for new students.


You can pay the fee one of two ways:


Confirm Your Enrollment HERE - Pay the NSEOF online using a credit card or web check. You will need a credit card or your bank account and routing number from a personal checking or savings account.


You may also confirm In Person on Campus - Pay the NSEOF in person by cash at the Cashier's Office in Carlton Center (CAR 400), 1551 Broadway, 4th Floor.


    You must complete your (NSEOF) enrollment confirmation before you will be allowed to register classes and sign up to attend your New Student Orientation Programs.


    TO DECLINE your offer of admission to the University of Washington Tacoma, use the online NSEOF tool to submit your decision.


    Frequently Asked Questions


    Can I defer my payment?

    Yes. The new student enrollment and orientation fee may be deferred to your first tuition bill if you have applied for financial aid and cannot afford to pay the fee. To request a deferral, please submit a New Student Enrollment & Orientation Fee Deferral (NSEOF) form explaining the basis for your request to the Office of Admissions.

    What happens if I request a deferral of payment?

    Once you have submitted your request for deferment, you will receive an email confirmation that it has been processed. The fee will be due the third Friday of the quarter when tuition is due. If you are receiving a financial aid disbursement, and if there are funds, they will automatically be applied towards this fee. Once your approval is granted, you will be able to sign up for Orientation and register for courses for the upcoming quarter that you intend to enroll. Contact the Office of Admissions, if you have any questions.

    What if I choose not to attend?

    The New Student Enrollment and Orientation Fee NSEOF is a nonrefundable fee and must be paid even if a deferral is granted. You are advised to meet your obligation in order to prevent collection action. Your fee is due no later than the third Friday of the quarter it was approved.

    To decline your offer of admission, you may use the online NSEOF link to submit your decision.

    What if I would like to attend a different quarter than the one I was admitted for?

    If you choose not to enroll for the quarter in which you were admitted, you will need to request a deferral of admission. Please submit a Deferral of Admission to a Future Quarter form to the Office of Admissions. Deferments are only granted to admitted students with extenuating circumstances — situations that prevent an admitted student from pursuing the intended course of study during the quarter for which he or she applied.

    Once you have been admited again, you may use the NSEOF link to pay the nonrefundable fee, or to defer your payment, submit the New Student Enrollment & Orientation Fee Deferral form (see instructions above about deferring payments).

    What is the next step after I complete my enrollment confirmation?

    Please visit the Orientation website to sign up to attend a session. You must attend an Orientation prior to receiving your Husky ID card. (Husky ID cards are issued at Orientation.)

    For questions regarding New Student Orientation, please contact the Office of Student Transition Programs at 253-692-4421or at uwtstp@uw.edu.