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 Immunization Submission Information

The information in this section is for new students who are matriculating Fall 2019 or later. Note: Immunization requirements have changed for autumn quarter 2019 for new and matriculating students. If you are an incoming, new student starting Autumn 2019 or later, will need to review your immunization requirements, in the Find Your Requirements section in order to identify which immunization requirements you will need to complete. 

Once you have all of your required immunizations:

Fill out the Required Immunization Form HERE.

Upload your documents to the General Information Required Portal HERE.

For Military Service Members and Veterans

Providing proof of Immunity is easier for Military Service members and Veterans. If you were previously a member of the armed forces, but you do not have access to your medical record, you may submit form DD-214 (Report of Separation) in lieu of the documents listed above. Active duty military may use eVetRecs or request records by mail or fax.

Documents in languages other than English

Students (or staff) can translate documents themselves to English before submitting. They should hand-write any pertinent information (vaccine names, dates, student name, date of birth, provider name, provider contact info) on their documents.

For Students in  the Social Work Program

See here Immunization Requirements for students in the Social Work program.


Note: Students born before January 1, 1957 are considered to be immune to measles and are therefore NOT required submit proof of immunity for measles.

Sources of Documentation

You can provide immunization records or blood test reports from a doctor, clinic, insurance company, state, pharmacy, lab, and school record. We do not accept self-reporting documentation as a result.

You can also request your immunization records from a state immunization registry. See the Student Health Services link for details.

Please note: if you have not been vaccinated for measles at all, you need to be vaccinated twice and will need to wait at least 28 days between doses.

Where can I obtain immunizations, or get a Titer Test(s) for rubeola (or mumps)?

  • Measles (and Mumps for Autumn 2019 or later admits) shots or titer (Rubeola for Measles) test(s) may be obtained at your regular physicians office.
  • You may also use Student Health Services to get your immunizations, or titer test(s), or to get access to your records. See the Student Health Services link for details.
  • In addition, there are many pharmacies that will give out immunization shots, but check with them for pricing and availability.

Note: Do not send original immunization records as we do not provide copies later of your immunizations. Also, you must send the copy in English.

Incomplete records may cause delays in your future quarter registration process

Please check your health form and your immunization record to be sure they are complete. It's helpful to put your name, date of birth and student number on all photocopies of immunization records.  

If you do not submit your immunizations prior to your second quarter registration date, a hold will be placed on your registration until we receive your documentation.

In the event of a measles outbreak on campus, students who have not previously submitted proof of immunity to measles may be barred from classes and other campus activities until health officials determine that there is no risk of them transmitting the disease to others.

Questions regarding immunizations should be directed to Hall Health Center.