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Students who have completed a minimum number of credits at the Tacoma campus are eligible to register for a maximum of fifteen credits per academic year (autumn quarter through summer quarter) at one of the other UW campuses in Seattle or Bothell during Registration Period II. 


Freshmen: Once admitted, freshmen must complete 25 credit hours at their home campus before registering for courses at other UW Campuses.

Sophomores, juniors, seniors and post-baccalaureate students: All students with a class standing from sophomore to post-baccalaureate, must complete 15 credits at their home campus before cross-registering at another campus.

There are no restrictions on graduate students registering in courses cross-campus.

Non-matriculated students may NOT register cross-campus, except for summer quarter. This includes non-matriculated students taking courses under the staff or Washington State Tuition Waiver. (See the section below about Summer Quarter for more information).

A maximum of 15 credits per academic year (autumn quarter through summer quarter) may be taken on a campus other than the home campus.

Undergraduate students are limited to a maximum total of 45 credits through cross-campus registration that may be counted toward their degree.

Final-year Residency Requirement

Students are required to complete 45 of their final 60 credits as matriculated students in residence at UW Tacoma. Some degree programs may have stricter residency requirements.

To seek an exception to the residency requirement the student needs to submit a graduation petition to the UW Tacoma Registrar for review by the Academic Policy Committee. If an exception is granted, the student still must present a minimum of 45 credits taken in residence as a matriculated student to be awarded a UW degree.

Summer Quarter

All students (including non-matriculating) may cross-enroll during the summer quarter, and they may register for classes during Registration Period I. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and post-baccalaureate students must complete the required number of home-campus credits first.

Prerequisites and Registration Restrictions

All registration restrictions (e.g., class standing, entry codes) still apply. However, prerequisites taken at the home campus might not be recognized when you register for classes by MyUW. In that case, please contact the department offering the course.


  • A student may declare a major on only one campus; a student cannot declare a cross-campus double major or double degree. A student who wishes to complete two majors on two different campuses must first graduate with a major from one campus, then gain admission as a post-baccalaureate student to complete the second major at the other campus.
  • Only credits taken at the campus granting the degree are considered residence credit. Credits transferred from another UW campus don't count as residence credit, and don't count toward the final-year residence requirement.

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