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The ACCESS Program at UW Tacoma allows Washington residents aged 60 years or older to audit one or two courses per quarter on a space-available basis.  The program is a great opportunity to take full advantage of the extraordinary resources of the campus, the outstanding faculty, and the diverse student population.

ACCESS is governed by RCW Chapter 28B.15.540 of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW).

Program Information

  • ACCESS students attend classes on an audit basis as a non-matriculated student. As an auditor, you do not receive credit, participate in discussions, complete research, laboratory work, take tests or submit papers.
  • ACCESS students do not pay the services and activities fees; they are not entitled to participate in UW programs which are funded by these fees. There is a nominal registration fee, but Access students do not pay tuition.
  • Registration begins the third day of the quarter and for up to two weeks after. Students may not register prior to the third day of the quarter (NOT the third day of the course).

Winter 2021 ACCESS Registration

Online Registration Form Opens Friday, December 4
Registration Begins Wednesday, January 6
Registration Ends @ 5pm Wednesday, January 20
Payment Due Friday, January 22

ACCESS registration dates are based on the Academic Calendar.

Course Registration

Step 1: Check Course Offerings

Course information is available online in the Time ScheduleNote: The University no longer offers a paper catalog of course offerings.

University Time Schedule  >>>>

  • Select the quarter and year: A list of schools and departments will be displayed.
  • Select the department and course abbreviation: A listing of available courses will be displayed.
  • Schedule Line Number (SLN): Each course section has a five-digit SLN. Students with a UW NetID can click on the SLN to view course details such as the most current space availability.
  • Registration Restrictions: Take note of any special registration restrictions, such as no auditors or an entry code requirement which is noted with a “>” symbol next to the SLN.
  • Department contacts: Course specific questions or entry code requests must be directed to the department or advisor. Information about requesting entry codes may be found on the Course Enrollment Requests page and specific instructors may be found in the UW Tacoma Directory.

Course Limitations

ACCESS students may  NOT enroll in the following courses:

  • TCORE courses
  • TMath 098
  • 500-level or above courses
  • Extension or correspondence courses
  • Independent study courses
  • Distance learning/online classes - as designated on the Time Schedule, NOT remote instruction for summer 2020
  • Professional Development Center continuing education (PDC) and other courses associated with fee-based programs
  • Studio, laboratory courses, research and honors sections.

Step 2: Course Entry Codes

an Entry Code is a 5-digit number used for course registration, if required by the course. Entry codes are obtained from the Department or advisor, can only be used once, and must be provided on the ACCESS registration form when necessary.

Courses which require entry codes

  • Courses which are full require an entry code to overload the class. It is up to the department's discretion to overload their courses.
  • Courses with a ">" symbol next to the SLN on the Time Schedule require an entry code.
  • Courses with "Restr" next to the SLN on the Time Schedule require an entry code.

Step 3: The ACCESS Registration Form

ACCESS registration is processed using a completed ACCESS Program Student Registration form and only by the Office of the Registrar.
Note: No other office, department, or advisor may register ACCESS students. Nor may ACCESS students self-register for courses via MyUW.

ACCESS Program Student Registration Form

  • New Students: Students who have not previously attended ACCESS, or other courses, at UW must provide us with your Washington State ID for verification. A Washington state ID is required (a photo copy emailed with your form will be accepted for spring quarter).
  • Returning Students: Completed registration forms may be submitted via email to
  • Regarding the Student Number, which remains assigned to students for the entirety of their tenure at UW.
    • The ACCESS Student Number is the same as the UW Student Number.
      NOTE: This is NOT an Alumni Association number.
    • New Students: Leave the student number field blank – a student number will be assigned.
    • Returning Students: Provide previously assigned UW/ACCESS Student Number.
    • Forgotten Student Number: Returning students who cannot remember their UW/ACCESS Student Number may leave the field blank but indicate the approximate dates of attendance in the space provided.

Step 4: Submit Completed ACCESS Registration Form

Email your completed form and a copy of your WA State ID -if you are a new student as an attachment.

Completed registration forms, without payment, may be submitted as follows:

Online Registration

PDF Registration

  • Complete form online
  • Submit via web browser





Step 5: Payment & Fees

  • Payment is due by the tuition deadline which is the third Friday of the quarter.
  • Credit or debit card payments can be made in the Accounts section of MyUW. [UW NetID required]
  • Students cannot pay until they have been registered. Payment cannot be accepted ahead of time and/or with the registration form.
  • Contact Student Fiscal Services at with questions regarding payments.

A nonrefundable $5 registration fee is charged to all Access students along with a prorated portion of the student technology fee (approximately $4 per credit).  For example, An ACCESS student auditing a 5 credit class will pay approximately $25 per quarter with both fees.

Helpful tips and Notes

  • Check the Time Schedule on Registration Day: Many students add and drop courses during the first week of the quarter and enrollment numbers fluctuate. A course previously thought closed which needed an entry code may become available.
  • Register only for courses you plan to attend: Students are responsible to pay the registration fee even if eventually withdrawn, and because the STF is based on the number of credits registered for, do not register for more classes than you plan to attend.
  • How to withdraw: Students who need to withdraw from course(s) may do so or by submitting an Official Withdrawal form requesting to be withdrawn with a corresponding signature to the Office of the University Registrar.

ACCESS Program Resources & Guidelines

Husky Card

Please note: for spring quarter Husky Cards will not be issued.

Access students registered for courses may request a Husky card from the Office of the Registrar through an online portal that allows to request your Husky Card online. You be asked to upload your photo and a photo of your officiial government issued ID (dirvers's license or passport) to obtain your Husky ID. You do not need a new Husky card every quarter, however you must pay for a replacement card if it is lost.

Active Husky Card Benefits

  • Library access and material check out privileges.
  • UPASS allows unlimited rides on the bus, light rail, and other transit resources. ACCESS students are eligible to purchase a quarterly UPASS at the staff/faculty rate. You cannot obtain a Husky card or purchase the UPASS until you have registered for classes by the Office of the Registrar.

​Student Conduct Code

Through the Student Conduct Code, Huskies hold themselves to the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and accountability. The University of Washington expects ACCESS students to be informed of the Student Conduct Code and to conduct themselves as a responsible member of UW community. Learn more about the Student Conduct Code and Policies.

UW NetID - University Email Address

ACCESS students can also create a UWNetID. This optional service is a username that allows login access to certain computers on campus and web resources and to establish a UW email account while you are enrolled. Some courses which use Canvas for class readings will require UW NetID Access in order to use Canvas or Zoom to view lectures. Students may reset a forgotten UWNetID password by visiting UW NetID Recovery. UW-IT administrators services related to UW NetIDs.