ACCESS Program for Senior Citizens

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ACCESS Enrollment Form

UW Tacoma allows Washington residents 60 years of age or older to audit certain courses on a space-available basis.  Students who attend the university under the ACCESS Program are limited to two courses per quarter. There is a nominal registration fee, but Access students do not pay tuition.

As auditors, students do not receive credit, participate in discussions, complete laboratory work, submit papers or take examinations. Access students are not eligible to enroll in 500-level or above courses, extension or correspondence courses, or independent study courses.

Some courses may require entry codes as indicated in the Time Schedule.  You must obtain any entry code from the program offering the course before you can register. 

Access students must register in person in the Registration Office located in MAT 253.  Registration for Access students begins the third day of the quarter and ends at 5pm on the fifth day of the quarter.  Summer registration for all terms must be completed by the fifth day of A term.

A nonrefundable $5 registration fee is charged to all Access students along with a prorated portion of the student technology fee (approximately $4 per credit). Payment is due by the third Friday of the quarter.

You can obtain a student Husky ID card when you register.  This card allows you to use the library and obtain a UW email account.