Course Overload Guidelines

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Enrolling for Overload Credits 

Undergraduate students are limited to registering for no more than 19 credits during Registration Periods I and II to allow all students a chance to develop a basic schedule. Additional credits may be added during Registration Period III. The maximum limit is 30 credits per quarter.

Course Overload Guidelines

UW Tacoma Registration Transaction Form

For reasons of public safety and instructional quality, enrollment in each course section is limited to the approved classroom capacity. If a class is shown as "full" in the registration system, it is possible there is still capacity ion the room for additional students. You may ask to "overload" the course section using the Registration Transaction form.

In order to be able to overload into a course that is full, you will need to obtain permission of the faculty member teaching the course either through email or via signature on the form. Once you have obtained permisison, you will need to request an entry code from the program offering the course before you will be able to register for the course using MyUW. if you have questions about this process, contact the Office of the Registrar.

More information about where to obtain an entry/add code