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All students who remain in good standing and in compliance with other rules and regulations are guaranteed the opportunity to register each quarter as long as they maintain continuous enrollment (with the exception of summer quarter). Continuation must be in the same classification, i.e., undergraduate, postbaccalaureate (fifth-year), graduate. Once a student earns a baccalaureate degree, she or he must apply for re-admission as a postbaccalaureate (fifth-year), nonmatriculated, or graduate student.

Exceptions to this guarantee are:

Students under disciplinary action

All students who are enrolled on any of the three University of Washington campuses (Tacoma, Seattle, or Bothell) are held accountable to the Student Conduct Code. The code outlines both the expectations for behavior and the procedures for handling violations of the conduct code

Registration/Transcript Holds

If a hold is on your student account, you will not be permitted to register or add courses until the hold has been released. Your degree will be posted to your record but if a hold exists, your diploma will not be released until your account is clear. If you attempt to register before your hold has been released, the system will indicate which office has placed the hold and where to go to get it released.  Examples of holds and contact information are listed below.

You will not be eligible to register, if you have an outstanding balance on your tuition and fee account, past due housing charges, and financial aid charges. You must contact the Student Fiscal Services at 206-543-4694 and pay any fees due in order to register.

Type of Hold
TACADV | Academic Advisor-Declare Major/Graduation Date
University Academic Advising
TACFIN | Financial/Tuition/Fees
Student Fiscal Services
FIN AID | Financial Aid
Financial Aid Office
GRADMIS | Graduate Admissions
Graduate School
TACISSS | International Student Check in
International Student and Scholar Services
TACCON | Student Conduct
Student Conduct and Academic Integrity
TACHOU | Student Housing
Housing and Resident Life
TACADM | Transcript Required
Admissions Office

Drops for Low Scholarship

Students that are dropped for Low Scholarship will need to schedule an appointment to see their academic advisor.  (see the section on Petitioning for Reinstatement for more information)


Students not meeting the university's satisfactory progress policy

Academic Satisfactory Progress

If you are pursuing a baccalaureate degree, you are expected to make satisfactory progress toward the attainment of that degree and are expected to enter a major and graduate after completion of a reasonable number of credits and quarters. The satisfactory progress policy looks at your total credits, but when counting quarters, only regular academic-year quarters — autumn, winter and spring — are considered. The courses and credits you take during summer quarters count towards your degree requirements and are included in your credit total. Summer quarters are not added to your satisfactory progress quarter total and, thus, do not count against the number of quarters you may complete before the satisfactory progress credit limit is enforced.

NOTE: Individual departments may have additional satisfactory progress requirements. For Financial Aid satisfactory progress information see this page.

The 105-credit rule

Undergraduates must declare a major by the time they have completed five (5) academic-year quarters and earned 105 credits or a hold will be placed on their registration until they either declare a major, or meet with an advisor and receive a pre-major extension. The hold is placed on the student record when five (5) or more academic-year quarters and 105 or more credits have been completed. Transfer students who are admitted to the University with 105 or more credits are expected to declare a major before their second quarter at the UW, or obtain an extension from their advisor.

You will be granted a pre-major extension if your advisor decides that you are pursuing a reasonable goal, and have a good chance of gaining admission to your intended major. The extension will be granted for the number of quarters it should take you to complete the admission requirements of your major.

You will receive a warning letter from the University as you approach five (5) academic-year quarters and 105 credits, if you have not yet declared a major. If you complete five (5) academic-year quarters and 105 credits and are still a pre-major, the registration system will not let you register for the next quarter. To avoid registration delays, meet with your advisor at least one quarter before you complete five (5) academic-year quarters and 105 credits.

The 165-credit rule

Students who have completed 165 or more credits and 11 or more academic satisfactory progress quarters and who do not have a graduation application or graduation plan on file will receive a registration hold, and must meet with their advisor and start planning for graduation. In order to remove the hold, the student must submit a graduation application or a graduation plan.

Students whose plans include multiple degrees or whose intended time at UW extends beyond the satisfactory progress limits should complete a graduation plan at this time. Graduation plans must be completed with your academic advisor and record on your advising record.

The 210-credit rule

The University's satisfactory progress policy requires students to complete their undergraduate degree programs within 30 credits beyond the minimum required for the degree. Because most degrees require 180 credits, students generally must complete their programs by the time they earn 210 credits. The timing for enforcement of this policy is as follows:

  • For a student who first matriculates at the University on a freshman application the satisfactory progress policy is enforced after a student has completed 12 academic-year quarters, not including summer quarters, at the University.

  • For a student who first matriculates at UW on a transfer application, the satisfactory progress policy is enforced after the student has completed

    • Twelve (12) quarters at the University if the student enters with less than one year of college work (less than 45 credits transferred from another institution).

    • Nine (9) quarters at the University if the student enters the University with more than one year of college work and less than two years (more than 44 and less than 90 credits transferred from another institution).

    • Six (6) quarters at the University if the student enters with two or more years of college work (90 or more credits transferred from another institution).

Undergraduates who have completed over 210 credits will be notified by email the third week of the quarter that a block is being placed on their registration due to lack of satisfactory progress. Students ineligible to graduate will be permitted to register for succeeding quarters only if they receive approval from their program after filing a graduation plan.

Students receiving satisfactory progress registration blocks should immediately contact their advisor to file a graduation application or to initiate an advising plan.

Students dropped for Low Scholarship will need to be reinstated to the University.

Petition for Reinstatement Form

An undergraduate student who has been dropped for low scholarship will be readmitted to the university only at the discretion of the pre-major reinstatement committee or if in a major, the student’s academic program. In most cases, a student may be required to sit out one quarter. A student readmitted after being dropped under these rules reenters the university on academic probation. The student’s GPA is the same as when dropped from the university, and the student may not use grades from other colleges or universities to raise his or her UW grade point average. A readmitted student is dropped if he or she fails to attain either a 2.00 grade point average for the following quarter’s work or a cumulative UW grade point average of 2.00 at the end of that quarter. The student is removed from probation at the end of the quarter in which a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or better is reached. The petition for reinstatement form is available online through the Office of the Registrar or the student’s academic program.

Please note: The University of Washington transcript is comprised of course work and grades from all three campuses. Students who are dropped for low scholarship from one campus and reinstated at another will remain on academic probation until their cumulative grade point average reaches 2.0.

Senior in final quarter

A senior who has completed the required number of credits for graduation, but has not met the graduation requirement of a cumulative 2.0 gpa, will be placed on probation and be required to complete coursework that would bring up his or her gpa to meet the graduation requirement.  It is advised that the student should meet with their academic advisor to discuss options. A degree will not be awarded until the student has met all graduation requirements and is removed from probation.

Returning Students

If you are a prior UW Tacoma student and have not attended classes for the last two or more quarters at the university and you have been dropped for low scholarship, you will need to re-apply as a returning student and meet with an advisor to complete the paperwork for a Petition for Reinstatement.  Reinstatement to the University of Washington Tacoma requires approval of the student's academic program or in the case of pre-major students, the Reinstatement Committee.  Students who have been dropped from UW Tacoma for low scholarship will be required to sit out one quarter unless exceptional circumstances exist.

To be considered, you must have submitted a returning student application and the reinstatement petition must be complete and submitted to your academic advisor three weeks prior to the start of the quarter. Reinstatement decisions must be finalized one week prior to the start of the requested quarter of reinstatement.

Excessive Course Repeats and/or Drops

The Academic Policy Curriculum Committee may terminate your enrollment if you have demonstrated a lack of academic progress as evidenced by excessive course repeats, course drops, or University withdrawals and cancellations. You may be reinstated with the approval of your college and the committee.